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11/2/14 8:52 P

My appetite goes up and down. Not good for the body but I do not starve my self intentionally.

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4/2/14 6:42 P

I definitely don't eat enough calories but I can't help it right now. Im a very picky eater and I don't have a large appetite. If I eat the fiber and other high vitamin foods I get satisfied. I even try 6 small meals.

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4/1/14 9:33 A

You need the fuel in the food to successfully burn the calories
am not a calorie counter myself rather use portion control
muscle weighs more than fat so continue to eat and exercise and you will succeed
One day at a time

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3/29/14 5:03 P


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3/29/14 4:22 P

MOONGLOWSANANA, I think you're right, about 1200 calories. That's about what I had anyway, I just want to maintain my weight till I'm able to get around better.

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3/28/14 11:39 P

My suggestion is for you not to go below 1200 calories. You need to heal after surgery and not put yourself into a starvation mode. Ask Spark Coach if 1000 calories is okay... Your body needs energy to heal and that comes from calories.

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3/28/14 4:31 P

When I first started SparkPeople I wasn't losing any weight for about 2 and 1/2 weeks and I also was working out in the fitness center 3 times a week. I figured I was gaining muscle, so I didn't think about it. So I decided to eat the minimum amount of calories of 1200. Finally that was the Sweet Spot for me and I started to drop my weight.

Right now, I just had surgery so I can only think to maybe decrease my calories to 1000, since I won't be active for a week. I hope that works!

Today I also joined for a year with Spark Coach.


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3/28/14 4:27 P


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3/28/14 1:53 P

thanks becky I will check in a few weeks from now and let you know how it's going.

3/27/14 8:25 P

Sometimes your SP calorie range for weight loss can be too high. This happens due to a combination of things---especially for members who may have a greater amount of weight to lose.

I suggest a little experiment for the next 2 weeks.
I agree with you, and stick with about 1500-1800 calories daily and the exercise as you have described. Track how much weight you are losing. If you are losing about 1-2 pounds a week, are feeling good, feeling full, having energy throughout the day to dedicate to your activities and your workout, aren't feeling light headed or dizzy....then continue on. For you have honed in one the calorie range for your individualized needs based on your plan.

Let us know how it is going.

your SP Registered Dietitian

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3/27/14 12:55 P

Thanks for all the great feedback. It's not hard to calculate the incline as it is digital and I have used the treadmill a lot in the past. I only started using it again and tracking things a week ago. I always have it at 6% but for much of the 4 miles I go up to 10 and back down to 6. I am happy with my first week I lost 6lbs, I just wanted to make sure I was doing things right. I appreciate everyone's input. I think I will try to stay in the middle of the original allotted calorie intake not including exercise for a few weeks and see how it goes.

PAM_COOPER Posts: 389
3/27/14 10:52 A

I think you could probably up your intake a little to the upper end of the range i.e. 1,800 especially if you are consistently active and in good physical condition.

How are you doing at 1400? Are you losing or maintaining? Short periods of lower calories may be acceptable, but beyond 1 or 2 months with below normal calorie intake will start affecting your health (hair may thin, for instance).

Based on your activity, I would say 1,400 is in the losing mode. For maintenance, probably 1800 would be more.

It may take a few months of monitoring to see how your body is going to react to a particular caloric level.

When I went into maintenance I upped my calories to 1400-1,600 (1,200 was my daily level while I was losing, due to a lower activity level.) When I reached my goal weight, it was early Spring, so even with my extra 200 calories, my activity level also increased and I ended up losing another 15 lbs over about 6 months. Then, I had to increase calories a bit more, because I felt I was too thin. That worked until the holidays. I gave myself a few more allowances and the scales tipped the OTHER way! Now, I am working to get back on track with a more healthy balance and LOSE about 10 lbs. But, hey, it's spring again and I expect I will be up and doing more things! If I stay moderate (1,400-1,600+/- calories) and healthy in my food choices, I may not have to be concerned about that 10 lbs.--the extra activity may be all it takes. Weight loss and maintenance is definitely a science!

For some of us it is so natural, for others, like me, it is quite the challenge.

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3/27/14 10:26 A

Are you sure you're calculating your incline correctly? 10% incline is steep... I find it hard to believe you'd be going 3 MPH for 4 miles at 10% incline! Especially if you've only been doing it a week. Also, are you holding on while doing this?

"Also I haven't been eating the calories it says I can as I don't feel it could be good. "

Why not? Your body needs fuel to function. Is it good for your car to run on an empty tank? Of course not! It's not good for you, either. The more exercise you do, the more you need to fuel it.

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TRAILBLAZER6 Posts: 1,145
3/27/14 10:13 A

This is a very interesting thread. Please continue the conversation. I am learning a lot. Thanks

KWING517 Posts: 915
3/27/14 8:30 A

For me personally, at 220 lbs, 1400 calories a day was too low. Actually, now, at 166 lbs, 1400 calories/day is too low. I find that I need to eat at least 1500-1800/day or I plateau or even start to gain.

When I was over 200 lbs, I set my app to lose 1 lb per week, then followed the calorie guidelines for that - not including exercise in the calorie count. Now that I am below 200 lbs though, I find that I have to eat more if I exercise more to make up those calories burned.

Having said all that, every person is different. It really comes down to trying different things to find out what works for you - some people add calories, some people add carbs, some add protein....everyone is different. When you figure out what works for you, remember it for next time!!

Good luck!

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3/27/14 8:28 A


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3/27/14 8:13 A

I think that everyone needs to be careful about "estimated calories burned" during workout. There is such a difference from one elliptical to another as an example. I think many estimate high. Also, I believe you need to take your own "basal metabolism" into account. I know that mine is very low in comparison to what the "average" is just from experience. I never eat back my calories from exercise (in the past when I did, my weight barely moved). Too many calories. I also have to keep my protein up - I lose more when my protein intake is higher as well as my fat intake. That is a big value of tracking your food and exercise and your weightloss - over time, reviewing the reports gives us a "custom" view of how our own body works. I check out and correlate what I've eaten (no matter what the total calories were), what the compositions was (% fat, % protein, etc), and exactly what I've been doing exercise wise with my weightloss (or lack of it). If you're not a detail oriented person, it's easy to not look at these reports closely and just be discouraged overall at lack of weightloss. Often the answers (or at least the CLUES) are there in the reports. Everyone is different - and what works for me might not work for you. For me the formula seems to be to keep the carbs lower, the protein higher (as well as some "good" fats) - and to do high intensity interval cardio work (with some weights thrown in a few days) to get things moving. Yay! for the reports on Sparkpeople...

SAGARINO Posts: 615
3/27/14 7:52 A

I struggle to eat the calories recommended by my dietician. Although, I try to plan my meals to get the nutrients/caloric intake of 1400 per day, I find I just can't eat that much even when spreading it out over 6 mini meals a day. I generally never feel hungry even 1st thing in the morning so always feel like I'm stuffing myself! Never ending battle

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,435
3/27/14 6:29 A

Those calories burned numbers still sound very high. I've asked our Registered Dietitian to check out this thread and provide some suggestions about how much you should be eating.

Coach Jen

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3/26/14 8:21 P

I started this about a week ago at 220, I am averaging 4 miles a day on the treadmill at a 6% to 10% incline 3mph, so I looked up the calories that burns on this website and 2 others to verify. I only put in the calorie amount for a 6% even though I do much of it on a higher incline. Also I haven't been adding in the calories for splitting wood etc that do almost daily. Thanks for your input. this is one of the websites I was using to get calorie total
Also I haven't been eating the calories it says I can as I don't feel it could be good.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,435
3/26/14 6:34 P

What kind of exercise are you doing, and how long each session? Do you mind sharing your current weight and what method you're using to estimate your calories burned? 934 calories in a workout session sounds very high, so I wonder if that's overestimating and you don't need to be eating quite as much as your range is telling you to.

Coach Jen

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3/26/14 4:44 P

today my adjusted calories after exercise (934) are still 1700 on the low end and that is after eating breakfast and lunch, so if i understand it correctly that means I can have at least 1700 more calories for dinner and snack. That just seems like way too much to me.

ROBBIEY SparkPoints: (396,646)
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3/26/14 4:25 P

I eat within my caloric range of 1500-1800 regardless of what I do physically. It works for me and I have lots of energy.

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3/26/14 3:37 P

Personally, I find that if I don't eat more to cover the exercise calories that I very soon start to feel tired, worn out, and crabby. The range without exercise added in is made to allow for weight loss despite any exercise so I do add back those exercise calories. With that being said, I usually stay on the lower end of the 'adjusted' range (i.e. today my range after exercise is 1690-2040. I will probably end up around 1700 calories or so. One thing that I have found useful is the calorie differential report. I have found that if my differential (in vs out) gets too high then I start being adversely affected. Good luck and keep up the good work!

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3/26/14 3:10 P

I hardly eat what it recommends when I exercise because it does seem like a lot. What helps me is having low and high days, although I almost never go over 2000. If you burn that much every day you should probably be eating closer to 1800...this is my personal opinion.

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3/26/14 2:52 P

I am new to spark and have been enjoying the accountability so far. when I start the day my minimum calorie level is 1440-1790 calories, I usually work out enough to burn 450-900 calories a day. Bringing my total allowed calories up to 1900 to 2400 or thereabouts and I am probably eating about 1400 a day on average. It's hard to imagine that eating more calories would be helping me lose weight faster. Please give me any advice you may have. thanks.

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