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6/26/13 1:39 P

No, you are not getting enough calories. In order to ensure basic nutrient needs for your body's metabolic function, it's important that you get AT LEAST 1200 calories. Otherwise, you will suffer from nutritional shortages that can slow your metabolism over time. This also has the unpleasant side effect of causing increased weight gain when you return to normal eating habits.

May I ask why you are on a 1200 calorie diet with 70 lbs to lose? With that much to go, you should be able to eat significantly more than that and still lose weight.

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6/26/13 11:46 A

With that much to lose and that much exercise and also being below the 1200 calorie a day minimum, I think it's safe to say you need to eat more, maybe a lot more, because you can't be fueling your body properly for its needs on only 1000 calories a day. It seems like when dietary and lifestyle changes are made that go beyond a certain point, it causes some people's bodies to just hang onto their fat reserves for dear life. Gradually increasing your calories up to the high end of your likely calorie range at about 1500 calories per day (or even higher, depending on what the SP calculator says for you) might do the trick. There's people around here who have done similar with success, hopefully they'll stop by.

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I am on a 1200 calorie a day diet. Working out at least 30 minutes 6 days a week. Eating very healthy and snacks in between..but I am only reaching about 1000 calories a day. I have only lost 4 pounds(I have 70 to lose) and that goes up and down on the scale? Is my calorie intake affecting this? Thanks for any help!

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