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STRAWBERRYGIR19 SparkPoints: (20,087)
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6/23/14 11:56 A

Every little bit counts! Keep doing it. You will slowly be able to increase your time!

Plan your food choices and log them! You will reach your overall goal when you keep at it!

MCROW35 SparkPoints: (1,865)
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6/23/14 11:49 A

That is a very good start! Keep doing it.

NRPICHE Posts: 1
6/23/14 11:48 A

That's a good start!

Start small and work your way up, but thats a good place to start. After every week, try adding on 5-10 minutes. Keep that up and you can only make good progress! Be consistent and get on that treadmill every day. Proud of you for coming back on!

Just remember, Success is the outcome of small efforts repeated day in and day out.

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6/23/14 8:06 A

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If that's what you can do, then it's indeed the best you can do.

Also, remember healthy living is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. You can't out exercise bad food choices.

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6/22/14 11:21 P

So ive been here n and off ovrr the yeara. Guess you could say im back on the wagon. I bought a treadmill and have had it for two days. I have about 150lbs to lose overall. Ive been on the machine bith yesterday and today. I do 15 mins in the morning and 30 in the evening. Is this good to start? Im only going at a 2.0 walk with a slight incline.

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