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1/26/09 4:35 P

I love them but mostly use them as a garnish on salads or yogurt because of how nutritionally dense they are.

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1/26/09 4:29 P

I think it's important to eat a wide variety of nuts adn seeds on a regular basis. They all have different nutritional makeup, and a variety provides more micro-nutrients than you'd get only eating one kind.

Also, to keep the calories down, get raw or unsalted dry roasted nuts. I eat raw ones as much as I can, and they don't have nearly the calories that most roasted nuts do.

I like to use those zip top Snack Size bags to put in each serving. When I get a container, I measure out 1 ounce into several bags, then I put all the bags back into the container to help them stay fresh. When I want one, I just pull out a bag and know it's pre-measured - easy to enter, and easy to know when to stop.

Also, getting nuts in their shells will stay fresher longer than getting shelled nuts. And if you're sitting and eating them (vs. someplace like work or in the car), you'll go through far fewer having to shell them one at a time, there's no way to eat them by the handful.

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ANAVLY Posts: 2,426
1/26/09 4:21 P

100 calories of almonds would be about 14-15 almonds, or if you're weighing, 17-18 grams.

The key is portion control. Whether you eat 50, 100, or 200 calories worth of nuts, make sure you know your portions.

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1/26/09 3:12 P

I noticed that Blue Diamond is now selling 100 calorie packs of almonds (see link for a picture)

Has anybody tried them? What I'm wondering is - how many nuts are in a bag ??


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thanks !!
CRICKETRO Posts: 28,971
1/26/09 9:42 A

i love them! if i am really under calories for the day i eat more than one serving. otherwise i just count them and eat them :) YUM YUM

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1/26/09 8:31 A

thanks for the tips

MOGLEWER Posts: 788
1/26/09 6:35 A

most nuts that I like say a portion is 6 (walnuts, almonds, pecans). I read that Sugar solutions diet calls for nuts 6 times per week. This makes a great snack with apple slices

1/26/09 3:21 A

I usually take 10 almonds and nibble on them slowly for some time. I really like the taste when I chew each almond for a while... mmmh, like marcipan. 10 almonds accoring to the tracker are 69kcal so that's not too bad.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
1/25/09 9:27 P

I read an article on nuts. And nuts have the good fats in them. And the best nut you can eat is Brazil nuts.

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1/25/09 8:07 P

I've found that nuts are something I have a hard time eating in moderation. So, I put a few into snack sized bags. Because I'm doing Weight Watchers, I picked a number of my daily points that I was willing to spend on them, and that's what I put in each bag. Like the other food that I take to work, they don't sit in front of me tempting me - I have to decide that I want to eat and take things out.


1/25/09 7:55 P

I throw a handful of nuts or seeds on a salad or yogurt

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1/25/09 7:43 P

Thanks Becky,
This really helped

God Bless


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1/25/09 7:35 P

The heart healthy recommendations is to have a small handful (golf ball size) about 3 -4 times weekly.

Becky, Your SP dietitian

1/25/09 7:09 P

I heard that pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds are also really healthy... I haven't been having them lately, but this is reminding me I should... now that I'm eating less "bad" foods, I need more higher calorie meet my calorie requirements anyhow.

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1/25/09 4:56 P

Almonds are 160 calories for 24.

WAPFROCKS Posts: 231
1/25/09 3:30 P

Everything in moderation. Find out how many calories for how many nuts (the package should say) and portion them out at 100 calories or maybe more. Depends on how filling you want your snack to be.

I like almonds, but they get boring after a while. Brazil nuts are good, but expensive. Cashews are really good, but quite high on the calories. Hazelnuts are also delicious. If I was going to do snacks like that I'd get a nut mix. Variety is nice and you get a wider range of nutrients.

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1/25/09 3:22 P

I love nuts of all kinds BUT they are so high calorie that I don't eat them when I'm trying to lose weight.

It's just too easy to eat too many!


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thanks !!
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1/25/09 3:13 P

I keep hearing a lot about eating almonds as a snack because they are filling and good for you. Two questions: what quantity would you have for a snack, and what other nuts are good choices. I'm thinking they would be good to keep in my desk or car in little ziplock bags.

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