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11/17/12 10:01 A

If you use the machines properly, you get a workout.

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11/16/12 8:20 P

Rely on a treadmill and stationary bike as at this time cannot join a health club
Otherwise walk our two dogs daily
One day at a time

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11/15/12 1:43 P

How can exercise have "very little to do with weight loss?" When I first started working out, I lost a good bit of weight. Now that I am closer to being within the "normal" weight range for my height, the weight isn't coming off as fast. Yes, diet is more important, but exercise is still important in losing weight.

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
11/15/12 1:41 P

Apparently that's not all, today I realized that one of the exercise bikes has a very wide plastic belt that you put around your waist (looks like an inflated life preserver) which is then attached to the bike - I have no idea what it's purpose is. There was a lady using it but I was too shy to ask her what it did.

11/15/12 11:33 A

@MRSALLYP, there is evidence to show that power walking burns more calories than slow jogging. This article kind of sums it up but is also kind of confusing. I think it might have been covered here on SP as well, but I didn't track that down.,71

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11/14/12 8:02 P

I read the article Coach Jen linked to and I sort of get it. I think a vibration plate would just make my feet itch, like those cheap foot massage units they sell in the ads in the sunday paper. Totally not for me.
I think the idea of the infrared treadmill might be to help keep the muscles warm and limber during exercise. (I don't know this, I'm just guessing) It probably has a specific medical use and has gotten bastardized.
I can't really figure out the vacuum treadmill. My first thought is that a vacuum would cause you to "fluff out" in size while you were locked in it. The negative pressure would actually increase swelling and draw blood into the capillaries. I would think that this would put you at greater risk for bruising and blood vessel injury. Also, if your upper body is locked out, wouldn't the increase in blood flow to the extremities cause dizziness?

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11/14/12 7:13 P

exercise has very little to do with weight loss.

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11/14/12 2:15 P

@ZORBS13 - maybe it is more because I can work out longer at that lower pace with intervals of running than I can if I just run, so in the end I'm likely ending up at the same amount of calories - the only difference is they do it for shorter periods and likely end up with more pain from running than I do from power walking - I'm not sure I agree with that article fully - my friend was only running and when I had her try power walking for her workout instead she saw a drop in weight where before she wasn't.

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11/14/12 1:27 P

I think a lot of times people want the easy way out, they think instead of just working out hard on the treadmill doing HIIT or something, I'll just walk and let this vacuum suck the fat out. I don't get it, I think if it sounds too good to be true it probably is! In the long run it's the work that's going to keep the weight loss off and keep you healthy, not the fat sucking and vibrating gadgets! ha

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
11/14/12 12:22 P

Archimedes, luckily, I've been a member for over a month and the owner, whom I talk to every day, has never tried to sell me a session on any of those machines. I think I must give off a vibe of not being interested in that sort of thing. At least it's not a pressuring hard sell kind of place.

I would wonder about the effect of the light and the vacuum on the skin too. Not to mention, at least in the vacuum one, I don't think you can get out by yourself. They sort of lock you in and then come back and let you out. What if you have to pee?

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11/14/12 12:05 P

wow... I've seen the Vibration plate machines, but not the infrared or vacuum ones. What can I say, I work out at a cheap no frills gym. So, seriously ? There are people who believe there is a machine that will vacuum away the fat while they exercise ? What a country ! PT Barnum said it best,"there is a sucker born every minute".

Now, what do the dermatologists say about exposing a person's skin to infrared light like that ? Do you burn away fat and skin cells at the same time ? That kind of exposure can't be good. that infrared machine almost seems as if you were exercising in a tanning booth.

I guess I'm surprized that a legitimate gym would buy them. The sales pitch much be something. Like you, I don't believe there are machines that just melt away the fat. If there were, we'd all be thin.

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11/14/12 11:24 A


the fat burning zone is an exercise reality gone very, very wrong.

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
11/14/12 9:17 A

Thanks for posting that link, Coach Jen! I read the comments and since I am extremely sensitive to motion (I can get sick in an elevator...), there's no way I'd ever try it, as it seems to cause motion sickness in some people - and I'm sure that would be me too!

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11/14/12 9:14 A

I let the treadmill and stairmaster do the work for me by putting it in "Fat Burn Mode" - it will adjust speed and incline to get my heart rate at the best level so it is doing the "thinking work" for me since I workout at night I'm mentally tired and would rather the machine keep me in check from time to time. It has also taught me what it feels like to keep my heart rate at the same level and I now am able to do it on my own as well! Those fad machines really seem silly and I'm not sure I would want to get on something that vibrates like that in the gym - shouldn't things that vibrate be left for the bedroom ;)

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
11/14/12 9:02 A

I don't do the treadmill or other cardio machines. I do use a power plate at my Chiros office. and I have to say i love it. After an adjustment it helps keep everything in line. Can't say if it helps with weight loss, but the machine is awesome. We also do exercises on it. Anytime we use the powerplate for squats, step ups, push ups or whatever other torture the doc has in mind, the powerplate is on and strangely enough, I do feel that i get a better workout.

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11/14/12 8:37 A

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
11/14/12 7:25 A

My gym has at least 20 treadmills, plus plenty of other cardio machines. Yet people don't seem to use these machines. In addition to those machines and all the weight equipment, the gym also has 3 "vibration trainers", a "vacu-power" treadmill, and an "infrared treadmill". They charge per use, whereas all the regular equipment is included in the membership fee. People are always on these machines. They apparently believe that the "vacu-power" treadmill will literally suck fat out of their bodies while they walk, and the infrared treadmill will burn the fat off? (Not sure.) And then the vibration (Power Plate) things, where they basically stand on a machine that vibrates and that supposedly gives them a strong sculpted body.

This seems like it just cannot possibly be for real - right? I can't help but think that my fellow gym-goers are just throwing their money away when the excellent equipment they need is standing there waiting, unused, paid for by their membership. I don't do cardio so haven't been tempted to try the machines which are:

(Incidentally I don't live in Poland but it seems that's where these things are coming from.)

Would you try these?

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