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GRAGAIN Posts: 52
10/4/11 12:27 A

Alli is a weaker form of the prescription medication Xenical. I took it several years back and lost some weight but I almost pooped my pants once after eating a turkery burger. Beware!!! Try at your own risk!!!

ANARIE Posts: 12,615
10/4/11 12:15 A

You won't get side effects if you follow the instructions-- but if you follow the instructions, you'll lose weight whether you take the pills or not. There's a small (actually teeny-tiny) risk of liver injury, and a few people have had gall bladder problems related to Alli. The risks are extremely small, but so are the benefits. Alli pills really don't help you lose weight; the Alli diet and exercise plan does.

If money matters to you, find a copy of the Alli diet book really cheap (you can get it used for the price of postage on the used part of Amazon or on, or other used book sites) and then take the pills back for a refund. Most places will take it back even if it's open if you say that you heard about some side effects, got scared, and changed your mind.

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10/3/11 10:43 P

Alli removes fat from our nutrition- problem is a pill doesn't know the difference between essential fats we need and saturated fats.. Diarea and gas can became old if your in company, and if you have job where you can't make a toilet a extra stress factor.. And they are extremely expensive..

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WINSTONSUZ Posts: 5,030
10/3/11 8:13 P

I tried them for about 3 months............ no horrible side effects that people talk about I was already following a low fat diet...... but no major difference in my weight efforts either..... I think they were a waste of money myself...... pretty expensive.......

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10/3/11 12:05 P


Here is some information that you may benefit from.

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10/2/11 2:21 P

According to studies, the effects are quite minimal and aren't actually significantly different than just eating properly. In my opinion they do not come even close to outweighing the side effects. I'd personally dump them, but if you don't want to waste what you already bought, I'd discontinue use after this round.

MINDY1983 SparkPoints: (10,795)
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10/2/11 1:39 P

i started taking the Alli pill today to help me a little with my weight loss. Has anyone had any progress with it? or any bad affects from it? thanks...

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