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7/28/13 1:11 P

Thanks everyone. I don't think I will go, after all. Don't forget not everyone has to pay for medical care, though. Yay Canada!

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7/28/13 1:05 P

I suspect that if you went to an allergist, s/he would tell you to track symptoms first. If you don't have any problems, it's a little futile to do a bunch of tests. They wouldn't know what to test for, and it costs a LOT and is a lot of work to randomly test for everything. And of course, your insurance won't pay for it if you can't show that it's medically necessary.

And even if you do get a positive on an allergy test, that's not a final answer. They usually have you eliminate the food for a while, then add it back. You can do that yourself, for free, without taking up a doctor's time.

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If I could afford it and was interested, I would say yes, I'd go. At the same time, I'd listen to my body above all test results.

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I never went to an allergist. Instead my Dr arranged for skin-prick blood tests. Tests can show reactions whereas a person may never had had a reaction to that food, or they may show a reaction to something, but the test comes out nothing wrong.

In my case, some of my intolerances to foods was shown by being extremely vigilant in writing everything down, the timing, what I ate, where I had been (outside in the wind) etc. When a reaction showed, I withdrew the food for a few days until it was cleared, and then tried again. In my case I was measuring my waist immediately before ingesting milk - just a tiny bit, and then 1/4 hr after. The days I didn't have milk my waist remained the same - the days I had it - even 2 tablespoons of it - and my waist would blow up 3-5 inches. I covered the food part of my diary, and the Specialist guessed accurate every day whether I had consumed milk or not. Now I can consume very small amounts of milk, but only occasionally, but can still eat hard cheeses, and small amount of cottage cheese, and good yoghurts.

My view is that as you are only showing mild symptoms, I wouldn't waste my money going to an allergist.


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7/27/13 8:29 P

Going to my doctor in a few days, and wondering if you think it would be of use to ask for a referral to an allergist? I don't have any severe symtoms, but I don't think it would do any harm to find out if I have any minor allergies to dairy, etc. Has anyone gone to an allergist without any severe complaints?


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