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7/6/14 10:21 A

Hi, I find that if I start eating any sugar, I get really hungry. So I just stay away from it. You already bought the watermelon and will be using that as your sweet fix. So keep up the good work. Crispy red grapes and thin slices of apples are great too. Good luck.

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7/6/14 6:55 A

Thanks for the people who replied, it does help eating a few nuts and looking at Archimedesii comments , i do see that i am not eating the recommended fruits. and only 3 or 4 veggies a day. i bought a large watermelon this weekend and when i had sugar craving i ate a wedge of melon... nice...

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7/4/14 2:02 P


You don't have your food diary posted, so I don't know what sorts of foods you've been eating or how long it's been since you cut back on sugar. It's not unusual to have really bad cravings when you start cutting out sugar. Your body is used to the caloric intake from the soda. So, when you cut out the soda, not only are you cutting out roughly 10 teaspoons of sugar, you'll also cutting out 240 calories per can. How many cans/bottles did you drink per day ? If you were drinking a couple of cans of regular soda, that's at least 20 teaspoons of sugar and 500 calories. That's a rough estimate.

Okay, so now you're eating around 1200-1500 calories when you might have been eating at least 2,000+. your body is wondering where that 500-700 calories is. Thus the cravings.

What to do ? That's why I needed to look at your food diary. I needed to see how many servings of fresh fruit and veggies you eat. For optimum health, a person should be eating at least 6-9 servings of fresh fruit and veggies each and every day. Eating fresh fruit and veggies will do two things. One, the natural sweetness of the fruit will help decrease your craving for refined sugar. Two, fruit and veggies are loaded with FIBER. eating foods that are high in fiber will help decrease your cravings.

So, DO make sure you're eating at least 6-9 servings of fresh fruit and veggies each and every day. When you have a craving, have some fresh strawberries or cherries or blueberries or cantaloupe. I've been snacking on fresh pineapple. yum...

It will take time. NO ONE ever reformed a sugar habit over night. You're going to experience the cravings for a while, but as you integrate more fresh fruit and fiber into your daily diet, you will notice the cravings will decrease. there are many good articles on the topic in the spark nutrition section.

Start with this one

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7/4/14 7:33 A

Try a protein oriented snack. Not a protein bar, because a lot of those have tons of sugars and sugar alcohols. The sugars actually make me feel more hungry. I like plain Greek style yogurt, or a handful of peanuts or other nuts. Or sometimes just a slice of meat.

Nuts also have fat, which can also help you feel satisfied. A snack veggie like celery or carrots to carry a couple tablespoons of hummus dip is yummy too.

Some of it is psychological, though. When you feel a craving, have a glass of water and distract yourself for 20 minutes. You might forget you were hungry! Have a snack if you are still hungry after that time.

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You don't have much to lose. If you're exercising, that's a really low range. It may be helpful to re-evaluate your goal date and set your loss for maybe 1/4 lb/ week. Which should increase your range a bit.

And maybe it's the type of foods you're choosing. Where do you fall with the fat grams and fiber each day? Both of those things help us feel fuller, longer. And are you sure it's hunger and not thirst? Thirst sometimes masquerades as hunger. And... is it TOM?

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7/3/14 7:09 P

i started to track how much sugar i was eating. in the coffee, soda, added sugar in the hidden places.. i realized i was getting way more than i should... so i started to use one spoonful instead of 2 in my coffee and not drink soda... I split a soda with hubby instead of drinking a can with supper. guess what? i am now ravenous. How do i stop that? i am not at all satisfied with my calorie range at all 1200-1500. so what hormone is out of whack? i want to lose a bit more weight not hit the kitchen for more food..

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