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2/22/14 6:08 P


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2/22/14 1:55 A

That is so so wonderful to hear. I am prediabetic my fbs have been 100-117. I have bought a meter and have really been watching what I eat and exercising really hard. Sometimes I get discouraged when I wake up to fbs over 100. It seems there is not a night I can go to be without exercising for at least 45 mins. But as I listen to you. I know that I can get them down and for good. Just gotta keep pressing. I'm encouraged

Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible-St Francis of Assisi
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2/21/14 5:20 P

for the first time since i cant remember when my fbs were almost normal this morning. They say 100 or less...mine today was 107. Considering that few weeks ago Dr said my average showed as 277....i could not be happier. It does make you realize that can be done and each new number makes me want to keep them coming and encourages me to stay on track. That and all the wonderful support i have gotten here. thank you all support and encouragement.

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2/21/14 5:13 P

It all starts in the mind. When our mind is changed the rest will follow. Please keep up the good work. emoticon

Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible-St Francis of Assisi
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2/21/14 1:19 P

Good job!

One stumble does not a failure make.

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2/20/14 11:21 P

Great! Keep up the good work! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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2/20/14 1:10 P


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2/20/14 12:27 P

YAY for you! Wonderful job taking control over it! Keep that fire, that determination. Some days may be easy and some days may be hard, so on those hard days look at what you've done so far and celebrate it!


It may only be one step, measuring mere inches, but it IS a measurable amount of movement that is aimed in the right direction. Remember this the next time you feel you've not done enough and get discouraged. ~Me
MORNINGSUN52 Posts: 851
2/20/14 12:12 P

thank you....has only been 6 days but that is 6 days of keeping on track and moving in right direction. this morning my fasting sugars were 121. So it is moving in right direction for sure.
Appreciate the support and encouragement.

searching for the me i left behind.
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2/18/14 2:22 P

That is a scary wake-up call, but it is good you have heeded it! Be kind to yourself, and keep doing what you are doing now - hopefully the numbers will continue to improve and you will be where you want to be.


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2/18/14 7:34 A

emoticon getting your blood sugar moving down. Cheering for you. emoticon

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2/18/14 6:06 A

You set your goal and now you take one day, one step at a time and you can achieve it. Remember to be patient with yourself and stay the course. emoticon

We are all Bright Shining Stars capable of great things!
MORNINGSUN52 Posts: 851
2/18/14 2:10 A

I am type 2 diabetic who has ignored this for 5 years. did not take meds, did not exercise did not go to Dr or eat way i knew i should. well i did all of them but was hit and miss ...when i thought of it..when i felt like it...for a little while. But now i went in and was told my average fasting sugar was 276....when should be under 100. I am feeling it in my feet ...with the tingling...the blurred vision...lethargic and moody. The Dr has put me on ANOTHER med ...That's 3 now for sugar alone as well as BP and cholesterol. Wants me back in two weeks to check again; and if no improvement will be sending me to a specialist to look into starting on insulin. This is the wake up call. I know now i need to take this seriously and do what i need to do. And so i am back...and i am determined this time to get off the third med quickly...and then work on the others. One day at a time. Today i was happy when took my fasting sugar and was 170....since had been in mid to high 200s this is moving in right direction. Later in after noon my sugar was down to 101....almost where should be and lower then has been in months. After dinner was at 175....normal would be about YEAAAAAAAA ME emoticon emoticon I have two weeks to get things moving in right direction before i go back to Dr. This is a good start.

searching for the me i left behind.
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