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11/28/12 5:26 P

glad it's working for you.
many others do that, too.

11/25/12 8:09 A

I have been using visualizations and positive affirmations everyday. Our beliefs affect how we perceive reality and reality itself.

I also believe in showing gratitude for everything. I start most affirmations with "I am grateful for..." or "I give thanks..."

One affirmation I say: "I am grateful that the fat is melting off my body in a healthy and sustainable way and revealing the healthy, lean, toned, strong, slender, energetic, and aerobically and physically fit body hidden underneath."

Also, I think that the body I want is manifesting, which is present tense. Eating healthy and exercising today is bringing it about now. It is manifesting. After all, each day you eat healthy and exercise you lose a little, even if it is ounces and your muscles get a little more toned.

When it comes to visualizations I make any sensory rich: feeling, sights, sounds... See yourself where you want to be and what is manifesting now with your work.

Someone once said that things will never make the person happy, which is true. That is why consumerism is such a failure. We are told that by buying this or that, looking like this or that, etc...will make us happy. Then we buy that thing and the happiness lasts for a few days and then we need another thing. A whole career path called "marketing" is designed to make us feel incomplete so we will buy that thing to have completeness, which never arrives.

So, the joy is simply in being. That doesn't mean we don't exercise and eat healthy and get in shape, but enjoy the process, the present moment, right now. The past is gone and the future isn't here. When the past was here it was now and when the future is here it will be now. Therefore, past and future don't exist. There is only ever "now". Hence, only now can we ever feel happiness. We should learn to enjoy the present moment. That's the best advice I ever received. Though, difficult to do. ;-)

On the matter of the "now", I would recommend Eckhart Tolle, for those who haven't heard him speak. He has a channel on YouTube and written several books. Krishnamurti is also good to read on this issue. Both speak from experience and not academically.

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