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AWJEEZ511 Posts: 43
2/3/11 10:27 A

Hi Ladies,
I just bought this machine last weekend and am looking forward to it arriving today.

It is good to hear that others use it. I'm looking forward to starting with mine. I love pilates and have been doing it on my own for years. I am hoping the rebounder will add more cardio to my routines.

6/9/10 8:23 P

I would welcome the opportunity to keep in touch.

I haven't had my machine very long. Weekdays are so crazy for me that I have a hard time getting to it. I try to walk 2 miles everyday at lunchtime. I save the aero pilates for the weekends. I, too, am on level 1. I've been doing the pure pilates one day and the integrated pilates/cardio the other. The cardio DVD was painful, I thought. Really worked my legs, but I like the other two because they work everything.

6/9/10 8:11 P

I am so glad to hear that there is someone else using this machine. I use the Level one DVD for cardio. I track it as low impact aerobics. I get a pretty good work out. This is exercise I enjoy doing. Hopefully we can keep in touch!

6/5/10 10:13 A

Hi Mommiarses. I've had the aero pilates machine with the rebounder for a few weeks now. Just finished using it this morning. I know you started this thread a month ago, but I hope you'll get my response.

Are you using the DVDs?
Which one?
Have you been able to figure out how this fits into fitness tracking here at SP?

Looking forward to chatting with you about this.

5/7/10 11:38 A

Does anyone use the aero pilates machine with the rebounder?

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