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2/3/13 12:01 P

Thank you Reyningsunshine! I am a newbie and did not realize that....I changed them once by switching my goal date, but did not realize that it automatically changed them as I tracked my food and weight.

So, if I increase exercise will it automatically adjust my caloric needs as well?

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2/3/13 2:29 A

If you track your weight in the home page here on spark, it'll adjust your calorie range for you.

Adjust calories as often as you feel the need to. I would say after 5% of weight loss you should be looking to see if calories need to be adjusted. Or you could just not worry about it until results start to slow or stall.

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2/3/13 12:39 A


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2/2/13 5:55 P

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Change when you are not seeing results.

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2/2/13 3:52 P

If your exercise stays the same, when do you adjust your caloric requirements? After, 5lbs lost?. 10lbs lost?

Thank you

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