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2/15/13 9:59 A

I never really craved sugar, but I was definitely a sugar eater. I started cleaning up my diet, but about two weeks ago, i went on a 100% vegan raw food plan. I had been about 70% raw but that 30% included meat (green fed 100%) and other types of food.
When I started this plan at the beginning of Feb, I went through the worlds worst sugar withdrawal for about a week, then i continued to detox from everything else.
Now having been 100% vegan raw for the better part of two months, i feel wonderful. Consuming refined sugar actually makes me ill. i feel dragged out, tired, and cranky. My body is like saying-- "Excuse me? EXCUSE ME!!! What in the name of all that's healthy are you feeding me? i don't want this crap. So now i will show you why." and believe me my body does. I get off the sugar again and feel better. One cookie could be a downfall.

Now sugar has absolutely no appeal.

Look at the challenge for sure. But start replacing your processed sugary treats with fresh fruit.

2/15/13 7:21 A

First ask yourself is there a reason for it? I only ask that because usually when I go through that cycle it is because of stress and I have to slow down. It's a terrible cycle and I always gain weight under stress because to cope I want that chocolate. I find that yogurt is a good alternate. I prefer the chobani greek. The greek yogurt fills me up and the fruit gives me the sweet craving I want. When I have go through this phrase I find it good to have a lot of fruit in the house to satisfy my sweet tooth. Berries and oranges work great for me. I am most often stressed at work so I go prepared with usually a orange so I'm not tempted to run to cvs which is only a block a way! For a chocolate craving I am not a big ice cream fan and I know that, so I keep so frozen yogurt fudge ripple in the freezer so when I really want it, I usually only eat a scoop. Good luck.

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2/15/13 7:07 A

The previous poster gave you a link to a great challenge I'd also recommend joining. Here's another article you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

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2/15/13 4:04 A


Try joining the 'Tame Your Sweet Tooth Challenge' SparkTeam
It's a 4-week challenge with action plans.

"Although consuming the sweet stuff is okay in moderation, it's easy to feel out of control around sugar. Don't worry. We can help you cope with your cravings and reduce your sugar intake while still feeling satisfied.

By reading the articles here and joining the Tame Your Sweet Tooth Challenge, you'll reduce your sugar intake and get in control of your cravings. Whether you have diabetes or simply want to eat healthier, this challenge will help!"

Good Luck!

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2/15/13 1:58 A

please help if you can! i am in the worst cycle ever!! only wanting to eat chocolates and sweets. anything with sugar. i know i am putting on weight but my addiction is bigger than my concern over my weight. can anyone help my break this horrible stage i am in??

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