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RAINA413 SparkPoints: (98,670)
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1/31/12 8:03 P

Welcome to Spark People!! I am so glad you are here!
This is a great place to begin your weight loss journey. There are so many amazing resources to benefit from. From the fitness and nutrition trackers, to the teams and groups where you can get endless amounts of support, motivation, and advice to the articles which will make you fitness and health smart!
This is a great site! I hope you have much success!!

CLIO310 SparkPoints: (4,133)
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1/31/12 7:33 P

Thanks to all that gave me advice. Tomorrow I am going cold turkey by quitting soda!!!!!

YEAH!! I will be keeping a food journal and logging my excercise times. I am looking forward to feeling and looking better.

I will check in at the end of February.


1/30/12 2:29 P

I drink La Croix sparkling water. You can get it flavored or unflavored. It is unsweetened. I add a little juice to it sometimes. I don't miss soda at all. I've even mixed it with red wine for a refreshing spritzer. I hope this helps.

SANDRA2005 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/30/12 2:13 P

I was a really bad soda drinker too.. It was hard for myself too.. But as Jan 1st came around ive had maybe 1 lt soda and 3 coffees all together. the only time i drink soda anymore is when I have rum.. not the best thing lol.. but trying to kick that habbit too lol.. but all I drink is water. I drink a gallon a day :S start out slow. but I love water so it works for me.. :D

CLIO310 SparkPoints: (4,133)
Fitness Minutes: (2,440)
Posts: 24
1/30/12 12:42 P

Thanks for the reply and tips. I appreciate it. Looks like you have reached your goals and are
holding on. Good for you.

I will let you know of my progress.'

Thanks for the support.


TRACY616 Posts: 11
1/29/12 10:46 P

The Mountain Dew habit is a tough one to break, I know i did it!! I was up to at least 3-4 24oz bottles a day. I can believe that I allowed myself to drink that much soda in one day. The headaches when I cut out the Dew were terrible, but thankfully it only lasted for a few days. Mind over gets better. I really don't like water, but that is all I drink anymore. I have to have some kind of flavor or I will not drink it. I tried the carbonated waters, but I think they leave a terrible after taste. You can't miss with Crystal Light. There are so many flavors and they have so many different single serves. I carry my 32oz water bottle everywhere I go along with single packs of Crystal Light. Give yourself a few days to will get easier.

MIRAGE727 SparkPoints: (373,953)
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1/29/12 10:05 P

Welcome to SparkPeople!
I have to share this with you. I used to be a Diet Dr Pepper addict! Now the only time I will buy a 2 litre bottle of the cheapest cola in the store is to clean my toilets with it! Trust me...water gooood!
You have everything here on SparkPeople to succeed. The learning is forever. The thing that comes up most to me is remembering that I am focused on a healthy lifestyle and to lose all excuses. It's on me to own it! I've achieved my goal weight, and now the journey lasts forever in maintaining and just getting better every day. If you do what you are committed to, backing it up with determination, patience and persistence, it becomes natural! You know you are in the lifestyle. Have fun with it. Give it all you got and you will remember all this. Life gets so much more better! I wish you all the best. Be well!

CLIO310 SparkPoints: (4,133)
Fitness Minutes: (2,440)
Posts: 24
1/29/12 8:54 P

Hi All,

I have been on Spark since last May and I am not proud to say that I have lost nothing
but my self respect. I have increased my activity joined a gym and I am going regularly
BUT! and that BUT is almost as big as my own. I have also sabotaged myself with my
diet. I was raised on fatty foods and basically being allowed to eat whatever I wanted.
I have two obese sisters and one died already from a massive MI at the age of 38

I have recently taking on a challenge by my wonderful hubby to get into "better" shape
before the summer starts (June 21st) I don't want to fail.
I have a hard time telling myself no. Especially to soda (Mt Dew) the worst of them all.......
I have been eating more fruits and want to start a food journal.
Any tips on kicking my soda habit would be greatly appreciated.

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