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10/16/12 7:20 P

thanks that is what I was thinking but just wanted to check with others!

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10/16/12 6:16 P


Welcome back! Any cardio based DVD you can log in the fitness tracker as general aerobics, unless you know the number of calories you burned doing the exercise and then you can use the manually enter option and plug in the calories that way.

I hope this helps! HAPPY SPARKING!

Coach Nancy

10/16/12 6:01 P

I use to keep track of everything here on spark, then life happened - got out of habit. Joined WW and finally after 8 months of no success decided not to "throw" away my money (it just didn't work for me). Anyway bought a Fitbit Sept. 2nd and I LOVE it! Then I just found out I can do fitbit along with spark and they sync! Hooray! :)

Anyway back to my topic: so before I quit WW I bought their 5 disc DVD workout. There are: total body cardio stretch, upper body boot camp, lower body interval training, core cardio and cardio basic. I don't know how to record or track most of them like under what. The cardio stretch is pretty easy as i can go to stretching and enter it there but some of the others I don't know what to put them under.

Any suggestions? Oh well I haven't tried entering my activities on spark yet since I'm just coming back, so i could scroll through and see if there are close matches and then I think if I sync it all with fitbit then it should also show up on my fitbit site.

Thanks if anyone can help!

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