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3/13/14 4:48 P

Thank you very much. I appreciate your help.

3/13/14 9:16 A

If it's your own Activity Feed you're looking for, go to your Spark Page and it's in the "Spark Page Links" bar just below your name.

Keep on Sparkin' !!

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3/13/14 8:45 A

From the Start page (or any page), I hover on "Community" then click "Friend Feed" then "My Activities". I'm sure there is a better way to do it, but after 2.5 months here, I still haven't found it. emoticon

ZAKNEE SparkPoints: (14,351)
Fitness Minutes: (4,571)
Posts: 470
3/12/14 11:14 P

Is there a way to access the activity feed. The only way I know how is when I am told someone commented or liked something on my feed and then their is a link. Is there an easier way to do this? emoticon

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