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4/16/13 5:16 A

May God bless your success on this journey we all share.

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4/15/13 11:45 A


Learning portion control takes time. If Americans suffer from anything, they suffer from portion distortion. During my eating days, I wouldn't think twice about having a 4 piece meal from KFC. That's a half a chicken with sides ! I didn't know that meal could have fed two people. Well, it takes time, but you too will learn healthier portion sizes.

Have you thought about purchasing the new Spark Book called the Spark Solution ? Well, in the book is a neat little chart that shows you portion sizes. a typical portion of meat should be roughly the size of your palm. That's about a 4-6 oz steak. The problem ? Most restaurants will serve gut busting 8-16 oz steak. that's a half a pound to a pound of meat. Not something the average American should eat in one meal.

So, whenever you eat out and want to know how much meat you should be eating, look at your palm.

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4/14/13 10:09 P

It's a journey, it's a process.
I bet you are more aware today than you were a month ago.
A month from now, you'll have even more knowledge under your belt than you have today.

Probably the best thing I've garnered from all this is there's no place for "perfection" on this path.

That and always eat your veggies!
Glad you enjoyed your meal sans guilt. Now you are free to choose new things tomorrow.

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4/14/13 9:51 P

I used to think spaghetti for a family of five on my plate was a meal for me! LOL. I still have moments when I realize... this is probably two servings. Your attitude is great! Keep it up. And you too, will chuckle at all you have learned and all you continue to learn.


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4/14/13 8:18 P

well, i am learning about how much things count for while tracking. that the amount of bread that we usually eat (and this is a small loaf) is 4 servings. my steak serving was twice a serving, too. and the butter... well, i know i can be excessive on that. the veggies, i know what the serving size is there.

it was all absolutely delicious, and i do not feel one bit guilty. sometimes it's about enjoying every bite. savoring. which i did.

but, no, no guilt. i am learning and perhaps next time, i will have less of each thing (except the veggies.) i consider that progress.

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