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10/15/11 10:56 P

My brother left a corsage where my Dad would have sat, I plan to do the same. Besided the corsage, I also plan on having 3 white ballons at the reception in honor of my Dad and both in-laws who all loved to dance, I figure that way they can be on the dance floor with us. Was there something special your Mom loved or that reminds you of her? Perhaps you could draw on that and come up with something that has meaning to you and that she would recognize as your honoring her.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,458
9/30/11 3:22 P

I like the idea of having a rose or small flower arrangement in the place that she would have sat. Wearing something of hers, to remind you that she is with you.

ARKERLIN Posts: 88
9/30/11 12:42 P

If you plan on doing a "Dollar Dance" consider donating the proceeds to a charity she was fond on.

My fiance and I are donating the proceeds from the dollar dance to the animal shelter where we adopted our cat. We'll have a flyer at each of the place settings to inform people about the organization and also let them know what is going to happen.

3/29/11 3:10 P

I heard a lovely quote that can be incorporated into a wedding: "you learn to love by being loved." When my day comes, I plan to incorporate this somehow into the ceremony as a way to honor my parents (and his). If you were comfortable, you could have the minister say this, and ask for a moment to remember your mother. Or you could work it in more subtly :)

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3/29/11 10:31 A

I lost my mother when I was 13 to breast cancer I have done many things to remember her but I wanted to do something for her for my wedding so i thought of the thing that I do for holidays too for my mother and brother who are both gone now. Every christmas I light a candle for both of them so I hope do this at my wedding for them also.

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3/28/11 9:32 A

I lost my Mum when I was 4 and when I got married I wore her string of pearls. It was personal to me and my family but it wasn't OTT (Over The Top)

Congratulations on getting Married emoticon

3/26/11 5:30 P

I've read about people doing something that wasn't obvious to anyone...except the people who knew her well. It helped the bride...made her feel her mother's presence in a comforting could be something like using her favourite flower in the decor, serving her favourite food, wearing something of'll know what would work best.

GEMINISUE Posts: 6,379
3/21/11 10:40 A

I was once to a wedding, where a small adult rocker, was put to the left of the alter, with the picture of the MOM with a bud vase with one red rose, in it, and a banner of white ribbon, with the words IN MEMORY OF, across the back of the rocker, on the diagonal.

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3/19/11 1:13 P

thanks for all these I want something that I won't get too teary. First thing I am doing in putting a rose with a charm where she would of sat at the church. I lost my father when I was very young.Since my mom has passed my step dad and I have gotten very close.I find myself a little jealous of my sister cause she got to have my mom there to help her plan and everything.

FALLENANGEL713 Posts: 15
3/18/11 8:42 A

Hi Chicklette,

I'm actually in the same position as you. I'm getting married in August and my mom isn't here to see me get married either. I don't exactly have a close relationship with my father either. So instead of doing a traditional father/daughter dance we are doing a father/daguther dedication dance in memory of my mom. This might be a good idea for you. If you are close to your dad and want to still have a father/daughter dance, perhaps consider a seperate dedication dance with another person that your mom was close to. I also have my whole dove theme which is my physical way or reminding myself that my mom is there watching me. :-) You'll get through it, she is watching and she is so happy for you!

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3/16/11 9:29 A

you could still do a mother daughter song in memory of her

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,011
3/15/11 8:57 P

A mention in your wedding program and/or a photo board would be nice!

Does she have a favorite song or Bible verse you can included in the ceremony?

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3/15/11 7:05 P

I lost my mom shortly after getting engaged I want to honor the memory of my mom on my wedding day.Any ideas would be helpful.

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