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1/6/13 12:30 A

are there others in your house - if you have the time then maybe you could get some house work done, organizing, cleaning or even bill paying or a hobby during that time so you give yourself at least a day break from working out. I find if I don't rest some of the time my body refuses to lose the weight! Congratz to you, I can't seem to get up super early so instead I'm at the gym at 9, 10, sometimes even 11 at night!!

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1/5/13 10:57 P

In my opinion, get up and get moving if you will be just hanging out. Even if you take just an easy work out day, your still up and moving and burning calories!

Good luck with the early wake up call!

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1/5/13 10:53 P I am adjusting my schedle so that my work outs fall in the early morning as that will be the only time I will stick with it (lessons of past). It means up at 430 but yes I want my body back that bad. my question is this; I will be doing full body work out m w f at the gym which leaves tues and thurs....I will do better keeping a normal sleeo schedule everyday of the work week so on those two days should I go for extra workouts (easy treadmill maybe) or just hang at home for the extra two hours?

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