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1/15/12 2:42 A

uh no

1/15/12 12:51 A


IT-IS-WHATITIS Posts: 1,998
1/15/12 12:22 A


BCARSON11 Posts: 16,588
1/14/12 11:44 P

I've done Zumba dvd, Zumba for wii and Zumba classes. I defintely prefer the live classes. Trying it on Youtube is a good idea. There are lots of the routines on there. I just prefer the energy of doing it with a group!

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1/14/12 10:56 P

yes, please

GAILP215 Posts: 63
1/14/12 10:47 P

I love Zumba! My gym offers several classes a week. I love working out in a class setting. It's a lot of fun and doesn't even feel like you're working out!

LARSIL Posts: 942
1/14/12 10:38 P

Haven't tried Zumba yet -- I'm waiting for Richard Simmons to do a video for it! emoticon

MOONCHILD17 Posts: 3,058
1/14/12 10:37 P

I LOVE zumba!

SHAKINGITUP SparkPoints: (15)
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1/14/12 10:37 P

I love Zumba! It's great to have an exercise program that you enjoy as opposed to dreading the gym.

SHELOG Posts: 580
1/14/12 10:21 P

I went to my first zumba class in a long time today. Even though I was lost for most of the songs, I still worked up a great sweat which is what I was there for. It was fun and I will definately go back for more. I'll be rockin' those moves in no time. emoticon

DEEDS510 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/14/12 10:02 P

I also have zumba for my wii. This past week, I have lost 4 pounds by eating right portions and doing the game. I like the game, but I think I would like the dvd's better just so I dont even have to have the belt and wii remote with me.

LRW1233 Posts: 762
1/14/12 7:44 P

Zumba is so much fun. I've been going for about a year now. I unfortunately had to miss it during the fall semester but now I'm back to participating at least 2 nights a week. It is a great way to burn calories and it's so much fun. The hour usually goes by pretty quick for me.

LUZITAE Posts: 116
1/14/12 4:32 P

I first heard about Zumba back in the summer of '10. My friend and I had the opportunity to work together again for the summer. We decided to be each other's partner in getting in shape. We went to the Zumba class. It was hard, but I LOVED it emoticon . I went faithfully for 6 months and then I got bronchitis and I had to stop. I hate the fact that I was forced to stop. Life caught up with me and I stopped going. I am currently looking for a Zumba class locally and plan on going back...Zumba is SO MUCH FUN. You definitely know you are working out because you are sweating like crazy, but you feel so invigorated afterwards. I highly recommend it

AMYNYNJ SparkPoints: (66,133)
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1/14/12 4:24 P

I would try a class first to see if you really like it. I also thought about the dvd's, the infomercial is very well done. Then I tried a class and really hated it. I prefer spinning or kickboxing. But that's just me everyone is different. It would be a lot money to spend if you end up not liking it.

ITALIAGURL91 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/14/12 4:07 P

I have been toying with the idea of getting some Zumba dvds-been wanting to try it. I dont think the local gyms by me have the classes.

DOLPHINGIRL2982 SparkPoints: (3,158)
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1/14/12 3:46 P

I love Zumba! I have the waist belt and game for my wii. However, I think it is hard to keep your dancer green. I feel like I'm doing the motions correctly but still can't fill the meter sometimes?? Does this happen often? I still love the workout and feel energized after. I usually do a 20 min. intermediate workout 6 days a week.

KELLIEM Posts: 1,475
1/14/12 3:41 P

I have the DVDs and I take classes. While I enjoy the classes more the DVDs are a great way to fit in a quick workout at home when I am unable to attend a class.

HALYNRAKELE SparkPoints: (0)
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1/14/12 3:38 P

I teach Zumba and I love it! I'm apart of whats called the ZIN program which is something you can join if you certify to be an instructor. Anyway, I'm sent DVD's that helps us learn new dances and I LOVE them. I think the DVD's are a great way to get started and do it at your own pace and to learn the moves! Give Zumba DVD's a try for sure or to even start, check out some Zumba dances on YouTube so you can get an idea!

CAPPYKIM SparkPoints: (0)
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1/14/12 12:20 P

I've never tried it but I'm thinking about it since classes are free with my gym membership. A group was in yesterday doing it and it looked like it would actually be a lot of fun!

ANARIE Posts: 13,184
1/14/12 12:13 P

Your public library probably has them or can get them for you. That way you can try them for free and see if you want to buy a copy. Netflix also probably has them, if you're a member. If you do want to buy, check the used section of, or (owned by e-Bay.) Or check out used sporting goods/exercise equipment stores in your city, to keep your money local. There's no sense in paying full price if you're not sure you'll like it.

ARKERLIN Posts: 88
1/14/12 10:55 A

hey! I haven't used the Zumba DVDs, but I do take Zumba classes. I take them through a loca community should see if there are any near you. I LOVE zumba.

I also really like Billy Blanks Jr.'s "Dance with me" workout videos. The dance moves are easy to follow and it's fun. You can get both videos on

Good luck!

TJFEMME20CU Posts: 6
1/14/12 8:22 A

I thought about buying the zumba dvd's. Has anyone tried them? Would like to get some feedback on those. Of course the ads for them show significant weight loss but wanted to see if anyone has tried them and it helped? All comments are deeply appreciated!! Thank you so much :)

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