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9/26/10 3:24 P

I've just started a Zumba class one time a week after work (4 times so far) and I love it. I still can't get all the moves but there are others in the class that have trouble too. Our instructor gives us a couple of moves to go back to until we can catch up or figure it out. She also encourages us to have fun and keep moving - not to worry about being in sync or right and left. She says we will get it in time. We are there for fitness and to have fun not become dancers.

I wanted to get a DVD to use at home to practice moves but I'm not interested in buying a set. Can't seem to find just 1 Zumba DVD. Does anyone know of a good 1?

6/20/10 8:56 P

Thank you all for the responses! After hearing from all of you, I think I'll be looking into finding some classes around me area. :) Hopefully I can find some.

Thanks again!

6/20/10 8:07 P

I love zumba! I am ANTI-DVD, so I go to classes. I go 3 times a week. Its a blast. I go to a martial arts school (i have a membership) so it is an ongoing thing. I dont have to wait for sessions because the instructorsare local. I love meeting the other girls and new members! I go with mymother (she is 50, had a heart attack 4 years ago).

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6/20/10 5:25 P

I Zumba - both live classes and the DVD's. I really like the DVD's - you can make them as easy or tough as you want. I do prefer the live classes, but the DVD's have helped me get some moves down, so I do better.

I say get the Zumba DVD's, and play with them, including the sculpt DVD for a few weeks, then revisit 30 Day Shred - you may find you have more endurance for that after Zumbaing!

Oh - and have fun!

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6/20/10 1:56 P

I have the zumba dvds and they are fun but I got bored with them after awhile but then again its like that with every dvd I think.. so I just use a variety of dvds and use zumba every now and then.. I love the zumba ab workout. Ive never been to a class but I heard they are better than the dvds and I wouldnt doubt it. About the 30DS.. dont give up!!! Your body will get stronger after some time. It was hard for me but I kept up with it and its amazing how strong our bodies can become in just a couple of days.

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6/20/10 1:47 P

i love zumba. i have been to classes and will be resuming in july for the next sessions and i have the dvds. i gotta say i love the classes better. you are out and around others who like zumba too but the energy is better. no at home distraions, no pause button and the classes are 60 mins and the dvd are not.

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6/20/10 1:12 P

Haven't done Zumba yet - in person or on DVD - but it looks fun. I agree with ARCHIMEDESII -- the more you practice 30 Day Shred (or anything else), the better you'll get. And substituting one cardio move for another, or one ST move for another that hits the same muscle, is something I still do sometimes and I've been exercising regularly for over 6 years now -- it's a good practice for when you're sore or whatever, and it adds variety to help avoid boredom.

FYI, CollageVideo has previews of almost 1000 exercise videos (though I don't think they have Zumba) so you can see if there's something you'd like to add to your collection. Good Luck!

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6/20/10 1:04 P

Zumba is a lot of fun. I don't have the DVDs, but I have done the class at my gym. It's a fusion of Latin dance moves. it's a great workout and really is a lot of fun.

The moves aren't complicated. I'm about as uncoordinated as you can get and even I can do the moves. LOL !!!

Also, don't give up the 30 Day Shred. Don't feel you have to do the DVD exactly the way Jillian does it. you can make modifications where you need them. Example, if you find the jumping jacks too much, you can march in place instead.

Another point is that some DVDs do require some practice. the people in the video make it look easy because they've been practicing the routine. So, don't get down on yourself because you don't seem to be getting it. It really does take practice. once you get the hang of it, you'll be fine.

Don't give up your strength workouts. You need both cardio and strength to be fit.

6/20/10 12:37 P

Ok, so I saw this infomercial yesterday for the zumba dvds. Apparently, I've been out of the loop on this!

If you own these videos, please let me know what you think of them! I'm looking for a new video that keeps me motivated, and is fun. I feel like a failure doing the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, and would like something a little less like that.

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