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6/5/14 7:24 A

My ladies are loving anything "burlesque" risque!!

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6/3/14 7:18 P

Did you look for it on Utube? I'm hooked on Metela Sacala (have no idea what it means)

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6/3/14 2:34 P

Did you check iTunes ? if you search iTunes for that song, it should list the different variations available. Many dance type songs have club, dance or extended version. This could be one of those. If so, iTunes should list it.

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6/3/14 2:04 P

Hi I was wondering if anybody can help me look for a song as I don't have ZIN
Its Follow The Leader by Soca Boys but its the one which has the whoo in it not the plain version,
was played at my zumba last week and i loved it but wasn't usual instructor to ask was a stand in
thanks if can help

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