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7/17/13 4:14 P

I have tried cutting out my coffee additions many times, and sometimes over long periods. Ultimately, I've concluded that I can make room for a little cream and sweetener because I just don't enjoy it otherwise. I don't plan on giving up just yet; I try black coffee periodically, and I already use less additives than I used to. Sweet and ever so slightly creamy is great, and sweet and black is alright too, but black alone just doesn't appeal to me. If I never get all the way to enjoying plain black coffee, I can work with it. If that's the worse thing I consume on a daily basis, I'm okay with it. :)

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GRACEFULIFE Posts: 1,705
7/17/13 3:50 P

If you really care about your coffee"

1. Test out all your local roasters, if any. Fresh, quality beans make a huge difference.
2. Grind only what you need, when you need it. Do not buy pre-ground coffee. Preferably purchase a burr grinder that doesn't overheat the beans and can be set to the correct grind for your brewing method.
3. Try brewing methods like French press, or the clever dripper. Don't use a "coffee maker".
4. Control the temperature of the brewing water, either by getting a boiling pot that has controllable temperature, or by using a thermometer when heating the water on the stove, while you let it come off the boil from the microwave, or as your electric kettle comes to temperature.
5. Experiment with grind, steeping time, brew water temperature. It sounds tedious, but it really won't take long to figure out what you like.

I personally generally take regular American coffee black, but those who like creamer around our place currently use this product as their creamer: Almond milk is nice because of its fairly neutral flavor, good mouthfeel, and very low calories.

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7/17/13 3:13 P

It was super easy for me, because I'm sweet enough. emoticon

7/17/13 3:12 P

I stopped using sweetener in my coffee, but I still like cream. I add a tablespoon of half and half. I hate the sweet stuff now!

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7/17/13 3:02 P

You'll also notice that if you try to go back to Coffeemate/non-dairy creamer, it tastes like Play-Doh and the sweetened ones are WAY too sweet even without adding sugar too. I sometimes like a little cream in my coffee, like at night if I'm treating it as dessert, but I opt for dairy-based (ff half-and-half or light cream) and a touch of Stevia. But I drink way too much coffee to add 100+ calories per cup of fake cream and added sugar.

7/17/13 2:58 P

I like a nice light roast with heavy cream. I need the calories.

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7/17/13 2:53 P

Sounds good to me! Thanks for chiming in!
Have an emoticon day!

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7/17/13 2:48 P

I like a good dark roast. Someone here at the office has a real love for the Starbucks, so that is the current blend. I'm not terribly picky, just so long as it's dark and strong.

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7/17/13 2:46 P

Ha! emoticon I'm still pretty new to black coffee-- what's your favorite blend, Bill?

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7/17/13 2:33 P

Black is where it's at.

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7/17/13 1:06 P

I'm a member of SparkCoach, and today's lesson was on sneaky calories in our daily beverages. Since I've stopped putting sweetener & cream in my coffee, I can actually *taste* the yummy coffee beans. It took a little getting used to, but now I actually prefer black coffee-- and best of all my daily cup is now 0 calories! emoticon

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