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ASHENPOND Posts: 10,899
3/15/13 8:14 P

You have certainly opened my eyes. Thank you.

ANARIE Posts: 13,162
3/15/13 6:03 P

Even 15 years or so ago the internet was a resource for repairs! One of the first websites I ever used was "fixyourownprinter dot com." You used the site to diagnose the problem and then they mailed you the parts and a VHS tape! I saved $300 or so on a laser printer repair.

And with YouTube, you can get such EXACT help! This summer I found a video of a guy repairing the tailgate latch on exactly the same model of truck I own. It was funny because he had a really hard time with it but kept the camera going, so you could avoid making the mistake he made (and just about anybody would make if they weren't warned.)

I have felt that way about this whole economic downturn. Sure, times are almost as hard as in previous depressions/recessions, but there are so many more ways to learn to do things for yourself. I'm living on about half the budget I used to for groceries because I found out it's cheap and easy to make your own yogurt, bread, jam, etc.

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3/15/13 5:36 P

Thank you for the information. I always listened to the music, but had no idea that there were You Tube instructional videos. I will be checking them out now. WOOHOO!!

3/15/13 12:25 P

I've learned lots from You Tube videos. I love quilting, and there are a number of instructional videos on that subject, among other things -- if you can think it, it's probably there.

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
3/14/13 10:07 P

It is amazing the things you can actually learn from youtube, I'm not really interested in the funny or idiotic videos I like it for information and listening to music

3/14/13 6:01 P

everything I want from recipes or fixing something or create something or do my hair a new hairstyle I search at youtube

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
3/14/13 5:33 P

Did you know that a lot of the small repairs around the house have instructional video's on youtube? I remember when our boiler went out my husband watched a video on youtube and saved us 125 because that's how much they charge to walk in the house, it showed him exactly how to light it up .
Another time he needed to put in freon for my dads air conditioning it showed him exactly how to do so for his type of car and another time he replaced something in our car and that one alone saved us 200 in labor costs.
I just wanted to share this as a lot of people aren't aware that they can find a lot of help on youtube and it will save you big bucks! emoticon

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