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2/9/13 11:01 A

I used BMI as a rough target and figured I'd re-evaluate when I got there. For me, a normal BMI started at 132 pounds, so I aimed for 130. For what it's worth, I always assumed that BMI was completely inaccurate and I had only 20 pounds to lose from my start weight in the 160's. It turns out I had a lot more fat packed into my torso than I thought (I always had stick thin arms and legs), so even though I didn't look like my 'obese' BMI said I should, I was easily able to lose twice as much as I thought.

Once I got to 130, it was obvious that I had more fat to lose. I ended up down in the low 120's, and I could probably lose another five or so if I wanted. That's kind of backwards, though - I monitor my weight, but it's a passive thing. It's a result of my habits and my actions, and my current actions mean that I've settled into a weight range between 120 - 125. I'm comfortable and healthy here. I wouldn't mind trimming a little extra flab off my belly (classic apple shape here), but that'll happen if it happens. For weight loss itself, I know a couple tricks that would make me lose a few pounds and push me past the 120 barrier - but the only reason to do so would be to see a certain number on the scale, and it's not about that. Sometime in the future I might make some changes that naturally bring me down to that area, but that's a different thing than deliberately trying because the number is prettier.

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2/9/13 9:30 A

I was once at 165 so how I set this goal weight is that I went alittle bit my goal is 140

WHOVIAN85 Posts: 861
2/9/13 9:13 A

My dr helped me discuss a target weight loss goal by my height and body measurements, my first goal is to get down to 200, then down to 180, then 150, and work towards a goal of maintenance at 130 to 140 pounds.

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2/9/13 3:44 A

When I started my weight loss journey, it was for every 10 pounds and now I lower my goal weight by 5 pounds. Right now I am at 135 so I will see if I need to lower my weight anymore once I hit 130. Also, I go by Body Fat % because while my BMI says I am healthy, my BD % says my body is in the acceptable range which is not acceptable to me. I am striving to be in the Fit category.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
2/9/13 12:08 A

for me it was more about a body size I got to that I could live with and that I liked. You have to like yourself in your own skin. When I was a size 10 I thought I liked myself that way. Boy was I wrong. Now at a size 0/1 I like myself so much more. I feel so much better. My health is so much better. I don't have asthma any more and my hypoglycemia is better. That is what matters to me........

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2/8/13 5:01 P

While 7% is VERY low for anybody- women especially- it is possible. Many anorexic patients have very low body fat% and as a result experience amenorrhea and a host of other negative health effects. Being under the "essential body fat" really just means it begins to be unhealthy (and each person will have their own "essential" %, too).

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
2/8/13 4:26 P

My original goal weight was 1kg less than my boyfriend at the time. I just wanted to weigh less than him. Once I got there I set another goal weight of 65kg, because that was a pretty number. Now I'm 67kg and I'm stopping here for a while. I'm happy with my body for the most part, and I think that keeping up with my ST will help me reduce my body fat a little more.

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2/8/13 4:24 P

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,460
2/8/13 4:09 P

I don't believe the waist to hip ratio is a very good measure. Some are curvy like Sophia Vargera. And some have no curves like me.

When I weighed 115 and had 7% body fat, my waist to hip ratio was .83. No matter how thin or fat I am my ratio is always in the 80's

MOM4TWO1 SparkPoints: (12,073)
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2/8/13 3:30 P

i feel best about myself around 135

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 950
2/8/13 2:47 P

Mine is a size rather than weight. My goal weight is what I expect to weigh in at when I am a size 8-10. I think that is reasonable for my height and age and lets me focus on something other than the scale for a measure of progress.

NANLEYKW SparkPoints: (76,244)
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2/8/13 2:46 P

I set my original goal to lose 50 lbs., because that put me just inside the "healthy" BMI range. I figured I'd probably have more to go, as I am fairly small-framed, so when I hit that goal, I randomly added another 20 lbs. to my goal. Note, though, that I set that weight goal so I'd have something to plug in here, but I don't actually care what my final weight number is. As I tell people IRL who ask, I'll know when I get there. I still have flabby bits I want to get rid of, and when they're gone (whether that translates to weight loss or just body recomposition--I do a lot of ST), I'll be done.

REYNINGSUNSHINE SparkPoints: (20,387)
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2/8/13 10:23 A

I think BMI is decent for a healthy weight RANGE, but once you are in that range, the number on the scale doesn't matter so much. I focus now on lowering my body fat % (see my ticker!). It isn't as cut-and-dry as weight, because I can't just say, 'Okay, 3500 cals is ~1 lb..." and then make a plan and have "expected results." Instead, I am focusing on healthy habits and weight lifting and I know I will reach my goal some day!

NIKKIKERN12 Posts: 766
2/8/13 10:22 A

I'm not a big fan of BMI since it doesn't account for muscle mass or frame size. I use BMI but not strictly, I have also referred to height & weight charts and determine my frame size by the breadth of my elbow. I have always been athletic which almost always puts me as overweight on the BMI chart, even when I was a size 4 my weight was considered overweight. Honestly, the best weight is one that you feel happy and comfortable with.

DEFFUZZ Posts: 26
2/8/13 10:08 A

All of this feedback has been great--thank you!

I am hoping to get my goal weight and then tone up even more. I am shooting for what I weighed when I was finishing high school at 145 (which isn't too far in the past--I'm only 27) and I am 5'8. I will admit, it has been hard to always accept that at 5'8 and with my build, I can weigh a higher weight and be healthy and don't have to shoot for weighing 120.

KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (81,472)
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2/8/13 9:57 A

I had been overweight my whole life, so I had no idea what I'd look like once I reached weight loss goals. I set my first goal to lose 30 pounds, once I reached that I decided to go for 40, reached that and decided to go for 50. Now that I'm here and have successfully maintained my weight since May, I'd like to reduce my body fat % but I'm not relying on the scale anymore.

VIKINGSMOMDE SparkPoints: (29,537)
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2/8/13 9:47 A

DEFFUZZ, you & I are very close on our weight charts.

I started at 177 & have a "goal" of 147 lbs. I'm currently at 158. My goal date is set for mid-May.

How did I pick 147?

I feel fabulous at around 152, which was my lowest post-kids weight. I wanted to challenge my body to see if I could break 150. 147 is also an even loss of 30 pounds. And, I'd still weigh under 150 at the doctor's office with clothes on lol. Plus, thanks to my weight-training, 147 should be an easy size 8 (I'm an comfortable 10 now), which I haven't worn since college.

However, 147 is still not in the healthy BMI range for me (I'm 5'3").

I plan on re-evaluating when I do hit goal. I will likely go lower - would love to be a normal BMI - but will be taking the summer to see if I can maintain.

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DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,313)
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2/8/13 9:00 A

BMI is good for determining if you're overweight or not, but it's not so helpful for determining a goal weight.

I don't have a goal weight. I have a goal range. Right now, that's between 160-165. Once I'm there, I will reassess and determine if I go lower. The absolute LOWEST I would ever consider would be 150, but honestly I think I'll end up going for 155-160. That would make me look and feel fantastic, and since I'm a weight lifter, I should be just fine.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,249
2/8/13 8:53 A

bmi is the best guess you can do without actual measurement. an accurate bodyfat reading is the gold standard, but since that is so difficult to get accurately, it tends to not get used as often, though that is what you really want to go by.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
2/8/13 8:42 A

I went to the high end on the weight chart. if I still feel that I can lose, I will.
I don't do BMI. It is not a good measurement. it doesn't take into account muscle. It is just weight and height. A better measurement is your hip to waist ratio. Mine is a .7 which means that I have a low risk of disease.
Though I have an end number in mind, my weight is really the last thing on my mind. I am more concerned with eating the healthy food, exercising in oxygen, keeping my mind in the right place, keeping my power turned on with regular adjustments, and keeping the toxins out of my body. With all that, the weight will also fall in line.

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,088)
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2/8/13 8:35 A

I think setting an absolute weight isn't really beneficial. Once you get into the "healthy" range of BMI, body composition becomes a lot more important. You want more muscle, less fat. I've gained 30 pounds in the last 3 years, but my shirt and pants fit the same, I'm even on the same belt loop. I can only attribute that to heavy lifting and ditching the scale as a measurement of progress/maintenance.

Set goals to gain a little or lose a little and see how you feel and how your clothes fit. The key is when you're gaining a little to do so while lifting heavy. You may actually lose inches while gaining weight which is pretty awesome.

DEFFUZZ Posts: 26
2/8/13 8:26 A

How did you set your goal weight? I don't trust the BMI but instead chose a weight I know i have felt the most comfortable, attractive and healthy at. When I reach the goal weight, I will re-assess and see how it feels. Are there any non-BMI assessments/calculators everyone has used to choose their goal weight?

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