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12/30/13 2:26 P

Both sound good! I had an amazing salad a while back with goat's cheese, cranberries and pecans, with an olive oil based dressing. I want to make my own but I've had trouble figuring out what protein (chicken or fish) would go nicely with those flavours.

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12/30/13 1:57 P

I have two go to's and unfortunately i wouldn't freeze them, but they can stay in fridge and be lunch the next day too

my first is a kale salad. Kale massaged with some pink himalayan salt. The additions depend on what you have in the fridge. I usually add some red, yellow, or orange pepper, dried cranberries, celery, carrots, cukes, zucchini, daikon radish, rutabaga, kohlrabi, apples, berries, etc (not all at once but a good mix). To add crunch, I add walnuts, pecans, or almonds. The dressing is a drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice.

my second go to meal is spiral cut zucchini or yellow squash. I then mix up my own marinara sauce-- either a small container of grape tomatoes or roma tomatoes (don't want anything super juicy or the sauce gets too runny), I add in some dried tomatoes, some peppers (red yellow or orange- usually just one but sometimes a little of all three). Italian spices-- whatever you like-- fresh oregano, fresh basil, etc. add just enough olive oil to get to the consistency you like. I have used dried herbs on occassion.
Put into a food processor and pulse. Depending on whether you like chunky sauce or smooth will tell you how long to process.

I don't cook my veggies, but I suppose you could warm it up slightly.

You could use both dishes as sides if you want a lean protein. I don't. These are my main meals.

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12/30/13 1:31 P

Hi everyone,

I'm focusing my diet around lean proteins (but no red meat), vegetables, whole grain carbs (oatmeal, sweet potato, quinoa, brown rice) and fats (oils and nuts).

I realise the term 'clean eating' means something different to everyone, but if you have a recipe you really like I'd love to hear it - especially if it can be frozen and used as leftovers for lunch the next day!

Tonight, I marinated some shrimp in olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and dijon mustard, grilled it and served it with 1/4c quinoa. It was SO delicious, but missing veggies!

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