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8/16/13 10:43 A

my husband and SP

PHANTY1 Posts: 206
8/16/13 10:24 A

Being healthy. Having enough energy to make it through the day. Fitting into my clothes and not being self conscious.

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8/16/13 12:53 A

LIVN2BFIT SparkPoints: (4,093)
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8/15/13 9:56 P

Health scares, unflattering pictures, wanting to get out and enjoy life many reasons to get fit & stay healthy...the mind is a powerful thing-ultimately the deepest motivation is from inside me...I like reading everyone's posts...motivation, if it could be bottled and sold, could possibly be the greatest and only elixer anyone would ever meet their true potentials...for some that's a deep faith-whatever gets you moving, I'm all for it!

We have the strength within us to do all things...
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8/15/13 2:30 P

A millions times, THIS. @ JAYDEE1211's comment below.

I have spent years of my life putting everyone first. I finally realized I deserve the same attention I give everyone else.

If I don't respect myself, how can I expect anyone else to respect me, my time, and my needs?

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Every day is another chance to get it right!
JAYDEE1211 SparkPoints: (30,040)
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8/15/13 6:34 A

My motivation comes from honoring myself. For too many years, I have put others first to the detriment of my mental, emotional and physical health. I am motivated to put more balance into my life.

ARIZONA33 Posts: 231
8/15/13 1:41 A

Motivation can come in many forms and in many ways but the best motivation is something that comes from within! True...there are many outside motivators but for lasting motivation that creates long term action "real motivation" must be something that is like breathing--natural, ongoing and an intracol part of your life.

For me my motivation comes from:
1. God!
2. My values/believes!
3. Faith, trust and love for myself and in my actions and abilities.

One important key to having/creating motivation that works is that what every you find to motivate you; it must be something that is for yourself that you want not what someone else tells you to do. And, most importantly it must be something that you can feel as part of who you are (it must become a part of you).

Having goals are not enough unless you also have a motivational push that goes above and beyond your daily grind to push you forward even on days when you would rather just sit on the couch and eat a bag of potato chips, a bag of cookies and/or a container of ice cream to drown your emotional sorrows. True motivation can move you past just wishing, hoping and dreaming about what it will be like if/when you loose the weight you want to.

For motivation to really work though one must be willing to take risks and move outside of your current comfort zone. Because, one must push past the uncertainties, the emotional turmoil and the curve balls that seem to come out of no where to side track your progress.

There are many more factors to finding and keeping ones motivation but the bottom line is to never give up, forgive yourself when you stumble and always take it one day at a time (or moment by moment, if need be) as you move forward with your lifestyle changes towards achieving and maintaining your weigh loss goals with changes to your daily diet and exercise program.

Good luck everyone in finding what truly motivates you to get up off the couch and say no to eating food when you are not hungry due to emotional eating or other eating issues. Stay accountable to yourself by tracking your food and exercise daily. Reach for the stars. You can achieve it, I can achieve it, together we can achieve it!

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LIVN2BFIT SparkPoints: (4,093)
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8/14/13 7:36 P

I've had many similar 'motivations' as posted here already-yesterday my motivation came from others' complimenting me on my dress...I chose one that was a faux wrap, which hid a lot of 'sins'!!!

As our journey progresses, so will what motivates us to carry on...

Keep sharing-you never know when YOUR words will motivate someone else... emoticon

We have the strength within us to do all things...
MSGAYLE68 Posts: 119
8/14/13 3:38 P

Stay motivated! You've chosen one of the best ways I know to choose to do what you already knew! Best of luck and more "aha" moments as we all want to hear about them. Let us know how your son did and if he made the soccer team.



ADIOSALL Posts: 5,197
8/14/13 2:59 P

...the Lord! emoticon !

APPLEPIEDREAMS SparkPoints: (164,761)
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8/14/13 2:50 P

I'm really not that motivated. I just stopped making excuses.

Maybe that's my motivation? Running out of excuses.

"If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary-wise; what it is it wouldn't be, and what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?" - Alice from Alice in Wonderland
GLSGIRL64 SparkPoints: (4,827)
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8/14/13 12:03 P

My motivation is to get the most out of this "last stage of my life." My parents' retirement is my model. They enjoyed a happy, active 30 years of life after work, both dying in their 90's! Their lifestyle was a key factor: family first, moderation, and engagement with the world around them.

There is Life After Work.
JLANAM Posts: 1
8/14/13 11:52 A

Ooh, good forum. I have been gaining weight little by little since I got married 20 years ago. When I had the twins (the last of four children) 10 years ago, I had a hard time turning off the "I NEED this" mentality that ruled my eating for the six years that I spent "eating for two (or three)" while I was pregnant or nursing.

I have tried numerous times to lose the extra weight, but a few weeks ago I had a huge "aha" moment. I was disappointed that my son, who wanted to try out for the high school soccer team, wasn't running and doing push ups and sit ups (that are required for the tryouts) to get in shape. I sat there saying, "Don't you want to do your best? Be your best? Why would you settle for anything less?" As I saw his eyes glaze over, I looked down at my flabby legs and thought, "YOU have shown him that that's good enough."

In my early life, in school and my profession, I would never have settled for less than my best. But now what my kids see is how I do what I don't love to do (fitness, housekeeping, organization), and that's half-hearted. I decided RIGHT THEN that I would not settle for less than my best.

Although I hate the heat and the sun was shining brightly in that almost-100-degree heat, I pulled out some running shorts and put on my shoes and went running/walking with my son. We have been doing that most days since that first day, and I am determined to keep it up because I WANT THE BEST FOR MY CHILDREN, and children do what you DO, not what you SAY.

Strangely enough, this has been more motivating than doing it for my own vanity or even health ever has been. Good luck to all of you who are on this journey!

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
8/14/13 11:22 A

my motivation changes but currently it's maintaining my health and clothing size.

FLOYDIE40 Posts: 34
8/14/13 10:48 A

I'm currently a 16. My goal-- a 12 by 12/12.

At a 12, I'm in range. Once I get there, I may go for more, but I have to be healthy (I turned 50 this year). If you dread going to the doctor for being up 20 lbs. when you're young, try it at 50!

DISNEY4537 SparkPoints: (145,027)
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8/14/13 10:32 A

My motivation comes from how far I am come and the differences I can feel and see. Knowing I am half way to my goal keeps me going as well.

OUT_OF_MY_TOWER SparkPoints: (403)
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Posts: 82
8/14/13 10:29 A

I get really turned on by how self-disciplined I can prove I am. That is a constant source of motivation.

HAWTLIKEME SparkPoints: (21,813)
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8/14/13 10:19 A

It changes all the time. At this point, now that I have seen some major body transformations and the progess itself is encouraging and motivating coupled with what I see is left to accomplish.

Though we cannot control the winds, we can adjust the sails.


RSCHIENH Posts: 131
8/14/13 10:02 A

I have these shorts in the closet that I want to wear before summer ends... So I am kicking it into high gear so I can wear them for our family reunion!

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see - HEBREWS 11:1
LKS2GAB2 SparkPoints: (37,765)
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8/14/13 7:58 A

My motivationn comes from seeing what diabetes does to a person 1st hand. I have gone through the last 4 months with my father nearly dying 4 different times from complications from surgery to replace hardened arteries as a result of diabetes and years of bad eating. He just had his 2nd amputation above the knee and thank God is making a remarkable recovery.

Point is I do not want to get to this point. This scared me to death and fear is very motivating.

Las Vegas - PST
Team - Firecracker
5% Winter Challenge

“One of the most important keys to Success is having the discipline to do what you know you should do, even when you don't feel like doing it.” - Unknown

TKELS78 Posts: 22
8/14/13 7:35 A

my motivation comes from wanting to break the family mold and try to make a conscious effort to be healthy.

It is better to light a candle then to curse the darkness.
AUGUSTREADY SparkPoints: (1,560)
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8/14/13 1:32 A

Bellydancing in public on a weekly basis!

It's the best thing to embrace your womanhood and keep your body in good shape without going to crazy, ridiculous extremes...

AKDENIZ89 Posts: 89
8/14/13 1:32 A

I am working abroad and haven't seen family and close friends since the last six months. I will be going back home for 3 weeks in september, which is a huge motivation.

Added plus - family and friends are the ones who can notice such a change (15 lbs in a 5'4" frame) given that they haven't seen me in such a long time. Can be further motivation.

FAITHE41 SparkPoints: (3,959)
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Posts: 18
8/13/13 12:30 P

An upcoming trip to Cancun has me in high gear - plus I know how good it feels to be closer to a healthy weight!

Act as if everything you do makes a difference. It does.
WVDEB717 SparkPoints: (36,686)
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8/13/13 10:33 A

I've gotten some motivation from reading this post! Thanks

Nothing changes if nothing changes!
MOVINMAMA2013 SparkPoints: (2,778)
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8/13/13 10:18 A

My motivation comes from seeing results no matter how small and also from reading other success stories.


I Will Beat Her
I will train harder.
I will eat cleaner.
I know her weaknesses. I know her strengths.
I`ve lost to her before,
but not this time.
I have the advantage,
because I know her well.
She is the OLD me!!

49ADAMS Posts: 408
8/13/13 9:52 A

I went over my budget in a way I need to get back on track for the past few month I had company I wasn't really going with I had set for my self so I need to get back I have havn't gained any weight , but I didn't lose any either so that was good as well as bad , now back to the excersicing and eating good to lose weight food.with portion controling.

82NORTH Posts: 119
8/13/13 5:15 A

My main motivation comes from knowing how good I feel at a healthy weight, and I'll never forget how awful I felt when I was over that number.

Short-term but powerful motivation comes from upcoming trips, as travel is my main reward.

On days I can't seem to get off my arse, I watch weight loss shows on youtube and that always helps.


"The sum of the whole is this: walk and be happy; walk and be healthy"
-Charles Dickens

'Solvitur ambulando' : It is solved by walking.
-Latin proverb
8/13/13 1:49 A

It started from within. But that strength is reinforced by my support network,including Sparkpeople.

I am always worth my best. My best is good enough for anyone.
STAGPIPE SparkPoints: (6,356)
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Posts: 212
8/13/13 12:18 A

I'm a cardiac nurse, so part of my motivation comes from not wanting to develop a lot of the preventable diseases that I see amongst the patient population that I care for. Also, I need to practice what I preach when it comes to patient education. I can't be telling them to eat a healthier diet and exercise when I'm not.

Jessica Stephanie

"I want something good to die for, to make it beautiful to live."

"I'm not expecting to grow flowers in the desert, but I can live and breathe and see the sun in wintertime."
JERRILYNN7 Posts: 247
8/12/13 11:38 P

I need to be able to keep up with my son. He is 7 and loves sports, so our lives are pretty busy. emoticon

~Only one life will soon be past,only whats done for Christ will last~
SLIMLILA SparkPoints: (84,564)
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Posts: 5,743
8/12/13 10:42 P

I want to be happy with how I look and feel and know I have held off any further diabetes complications

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance!

Slim is where I wanted to be in 201o & 2011! Never happened, plateaued for a long time and gave up... got off track, but never left, so am back on track again!!! Make 2012 my year! So far, did finally lose 25 lbs. over the summer, but have found about 11 of it so far, it didn't hide good enough...
and lost it again in 2013... going down to 175 this fall, and staying there...this time!
50YEARSAWIFE Posts: 4,170
8/12/13 4:15 P

I want to live a healthy life.

If you make the unconditional commitment to reach your most important goals, if the strength of your decision is sufficient, you will find the way and the power to achieve your goals.

~Robert Conklin

GETULLY SparkPoints: (65,005)
Fitness Minutes: (23,747)
Posts: 1,504
8/12/13 4:13 P

right now my motivation comes from having DH at home--if I walk in the morning he walks in the morning. Two for the price of one; my pushing myself pushes him. We are both the better for it.

BEACHGAL60 SparkPoints: (2,251)
Fitness Minutes: (1,160)
Posts: 82
8/12/13 2:07 P

-wanting to be the best I can be-health and emotional fitness is a life extender!

-for my grandson-so want to watch him grow up and be there for him and for my family

-that black cocktail dress that once fit me!

-wanting to motivate others-if I can do it at 60, others can try, too!

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SPARK-ING a New, Healthy Me:}
Progress-one day at a time-I will get there!
8/12/13 1:20 P

The wedding dress I just bought!

"I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do."
- Helen Keller
LADYCROFT7 Posts: 90
8/12/13 12:47 P

Various things:

Running my first mile without stopping emoticon
Fitting into smaller clothes & starting to feel marginally sexy emoticon
Having people notice emoticon
Having a 5% drop in my body fat over an 8 wk period emoticon
Determination to be the best I can be and never go back emoticon

The minefields of life never go away, we just get better at navigating them.

The only place success comes before work is the dictionary.

For I know the plans that I have for you says the Lord, plans for good not disaster that shall give you hope.
Jeremiah 29:11
ZAHRA35 SparkPoints: (30,500)
Fitness Minutes: (24,279)
Posts: 128
8/12/13 9:00 A

My motivation comes from the Spark Solution book. I keep tracking and doing ten minute workouts. I'm working on a streak to do just that. I'm jogging and walking in intervals. I really think I can do this. I have to give myself credit for losing twenty five pounds. I'm measuring my non-scale victories. My face and hair looks pretty in the mirror and I still fit into my skinny clothes. I'm going to go the gym and work up a storm.

PRESBESS SparkPoints: (84,479)
Fitness Minutes: (41,585)
Posts: 4,740
8/11/13 10:13 P

mainly myself. Knowing how far I've come and firmly vowing not to go back, keeps me motivated, however, I also gain strength and motivation from my Spark friends. Their successes, positive attitude, etc is key to my success as well.

MAINTAINING... it's what I do.

The other thing I do is lead the team "MORE THAN CONQUERORS!". Check us out!
LIVN2BFIT SparkPoints: (4,093)
Fitness Minutes: (3,354)
Posts: 209
8/11/13 9:09 P

Right now my motivation is from within, but I'm sure once I start gathering data to support the efforts, it'll be cool...
dress/pant sizes dropping
blood pressure # going down
engery levels going up
my elbows and knees resurfacing emoticon

We have the strength within us to do all things...
GA2NEGIRL Posts: 32
8/11/13 8:23 P

Feeling better
Being able to handle stress better
The comment "hey are you losing weight?"
Having fun with running--game to beat my PR's
Seeing my resting heart rate drop over time--my heart is stronger
Hubby's 30th high school class reunion is 11 months away
Physically able to do more fun things on vacation
I don't mind the camera (as much)

Thanks for asking the question!

ANGELCITYGAL SparkPoints: (37,844)
Fitness Minutes: (19,090)
Posts: 1,724
8/11/13 8:21 P

Keeping my goals fresh and exciting. Because I'm very close to my weight loss goal, I'm now aiming for a fitness challenge -- I'm training for a 5K obstacle course race.

I'm also motivated by the size clothes I'm wearing, and the changes in my body as I get stronger and more fit. I look forward to new workouts and such.

~Jennie ~

You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.
-- J. London
ADIOSALL Posts: 5,197
8/11/13 8:20 P

,,,having a new virtual workout buddy and SparkFriend.. emoticon

SLFITZGE Posts: 42
8/11/13 8:07 P

Having control! I love measuring and organizing my meals for the week on the weekend. Planning meticulously what will go into my body and maintaining a healthy balance of vitamins, carbs, fat, and protein. Planning my workouts to balance core, cardio, strength, and flexibility. While my kids help me stay motivated to become healthy, the control of it makes me wake up every morning with a plan. We have such little control in our lives and one of the few things I have learned I can control is what it does and what I put in it. It excites the scientist within me to find the perfect balance to create the best machine for doing the job that is my life.

Never give up, never surrender!
8/11/13 3:04 P

Being healthy to be around to care for my kids.
Recently I had some bloodwork one and my fasting glucose was in the prediabetic range. That has motivated me to get back to what I know works--tracking everything with Sparkpeople!

MOINSDEMOI Posts: 1,270
8/11/13 2:35 P

I am what you call "skinny fat". My BMI is normal but I am still carrying too much body fat on my small frame. My motivation is to "burn the fat and feed the muscle". Equally, because of my small frame, I have to be mindful of osteoporosis so I monitor my calcium and vitamin D intake and stress my bones through strength training and the treadmill.

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Practice habits of excellence.

PARKSCANADA Posts: 4,753
8/11/13 11:37 A

As a diabetic who has struggled forever with good blood sugar control, my motivation comes from seeing successful blood sugar numbers - when I exercise and eat well my numbers are 1000 x's better, I am able to maintain control instead of having blood sugars all over the place, and I need far less insulin. Also I just feel better!

EWL978 Posts: 2,021
8/11/13 11:11 A

within....I enjoy keeping records, (bookkeeper by training) and I like seeing the results of what I'm doing to lose the weight. That's what brought me to in the first place.

TODAY well lived makes every YESTERDAY a memory of happiness and every TOMORROW a vision of hope!!

(Originally of Boston, MA now living in Boynton Beach, FL)
SKABELS2 Posts: 76
8/11/13 9:40 A

Seeing results other than numbers:

having more energy
less pain
better sleep
baggy pants
touching my toes

LIVN2BFIT SparkPoints: (4,093)
Fitness Minutes: (3,354)
Posts: 209
8/10/13 8:42 P

you're staying motivated by???

making a 'game' of your logging points.... emoticon

looking at your 'motivation' collage at least once/day... emoticon

knowing the alternative isn't how you want to live anymore... emoticon

ADD YOUR OWN personal motivations....

We have the strength within us to do all things...
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