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12/17/12 10:32 A

I agree with the others that your son is the modivation but I will add that you need to want it for you - you are strong and determined (giving birth to a child proves that part) so a strong determined mom will do anything to keep their baby safe but part of keeping your baby safe is keeping yourself save and a big part of that is getting healty - I find now that I workout a lot and eat very healthily I not only get sick less often but I also recover that much faster when I do! I am a mom of 2 girls (6&8) and not only am I a good example of what they should be eating but mommy actually is out running around with them - when we took a road trip and we needed to get out of the car for a stretch and use some energy to get the blood flowing I went up to my girls, tapped both of their shoulders and said "Both of you are it - bet you can't catch me" and then ran off and they chased me around for quite a few minutes - I couldn't have done that before I had started exercising nor could I have chased them back when I let them catch me - I also started running and my girls now love going to the track with me and running around - they even enjoy playing in the gym kids area while I workout - all these things I hope will help my girls be more active when they get older and maybe even take up sports when they get into high school or even sooner! Right now they both enjoy ballet and because of how active I kept them in the summer they were not as worn out after their classes when they started back in the fall!!

Feel free to add me as a SparkFriend - I am pretty open about what I eat and my exercise and I also keep a blog - these things help modivate me to keep going or in my case last week - I even got to try not logging for a little while!!

Best of luck to you!!

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12/15/12 6:15 P

I totally agree with Raptormelon. Think of how strong you are - you carried and gave birth to a healthy wonderful baby. What can't you do after that? Your child will learn so much from you, so you need to be healthy and fit in order to be the best mom you can be.

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11/25/12 4:25 P

Hello, Yolander. Love your current profile picture! The motivation can be your son! If you make a healthy lifestyle your goal, rather than just the weight loss, just think of the immense benefit to your son in the long run. I have found that my kids are more health conscious when I am. We lead by example. You have the benefit of your son still being an infant, so when he's ready for real food, you should already have that healthy habit established.
I say this all the time, it seems. The most useful thing I have found to get me motivated to get my 25-30 minutes of cardio is planting the recumbant bike in front of the television. It makes the time go by so much faster, and the feeling you get from making healthy choices far outweigh the instant gratification of unhealthy ones.

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11/25/12 2:22 A

Hey, Im a young mum and 6 months after having my beautiful son I need some serious motivation to lose weight and become happier and healthier. I currently weigh 76kg with a goal weight of 60. Ive realised its time to stop using my son as an excuse and start to achieve my weight loss goals. Id love to meet some people who would like to help motivate each other to become happier and healthier within ourselves. Yolander

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