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5/12/11 6:03 P

I think you need to break it down and start focusing on the positive. Acknowledge the good choices that you make, the small victories. Like choosing fruit over a candy bar. Feeling good, even when it's a simple thing you accomplished, will propel you into making even more good choices.

Break down your weight loss goals. Instead of 30 pounds, start with 5. It's less daunting.

You obviously love your daughter and part of caring for her is taking care of yourself. emoticon

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5/12/11 9:49 A

It starts with YOU! If you love yourself then you won't worry about what anyone else thinks! Don't forget the power of daily affirmations ("I am healthy and a great mom" "I CAN play with my children and it is good for me too.") Take this time to run some energy off with that 2 year old. I know the best thing I ever did was start roller skating with my son. I know your girl is too young for that, but I bet she would LOVE if mommy climbed around the playground with her. Everything you do just remind yourself you are being a healthy role model for baby girl and you are creating a "fun mommy" and "fun beautiful wife" in the process. Don't give up! You are beautiful!

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5/11/11 9:15 P

Im 21 years old and I have a 2 and 1/2 year old daughter. Her father and I are together but he is in the National Guard so im pretty much raising our daughter alone. I just recently started working full time as a Receptionist for a dental office. With the terrible 2's starting I feel completely overwhelmed. Im living at home with my parents and my sister which just adds to the stress.
One thing i have completely let go of is my weight. Right after my daughter was born I was very confident and comfortable with my body. Now I have to close my eyes when I get in the shower because I feel depressed when I see myself. I wonder if my boyfriend will cheat on me if he finds someone skinnier. I am constantly sucking in my stomach or trying to stand up straighter so I look skinny. How do I balance being a single mom, working, and losing weight? How do I also find the confidence to be comfortable around my boyfriend or other people; especially myself?

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