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BETHORLO Posts: 83
1/17/13 4:00 P

You know your fat when you go to the public bathroom and your leg rests on the tampon disposal box! :( hehe... okay that was kinda gross but ..... And I so feel the shoe tieing thing too.... hold your breath and bend quick! ;)

And yes.... every day doesn't have to be perfect but good is acceptable. I am telling myself that more often. If I have a negative attitude it is not going to help my success.....

I have decided to use this and make a change.... I had two good days.... now going for a third. One day one hour at a time! :)

SLIMTHICK2 SparkPoints: (90,300)
Fitness Minutes: (52,690)
Posts: 7,295
1/17/13 3:50 P

You know you're fat when you can't bend over to tie your shoelace.

SPIDYPRINCESS1 SparkPoints: (2,013)
Fitness Minutes: (2,271)
Posts: 23
1/16/13 8:39 P

Ugh some people are so freaking rude. I would have snapped on them. (then again thats who i am) and then left,

Im glad you (all of us) have the support of this group and site. GO US!!

1/16/13 5:49 P

And remember, you don't have to have a perfect day. Perfect days are great, but sometimes we have to settle for a pretty good day. :)

MLS616 Posts: 157
1/16/13 9:08 A

I'd be tempted to call in to that Y and talk to a manager...

Don't let it get to you at all!!
Sounds like that person's own unhappiness somehow got pushed onto you.


BETHORLO Posts: 83
1/16/13 9:01 A

Thank you all... boy yesterday was one minute at a time... but I managed to have a 1300 cal day and an hour at the gym. Wow.... just one perfect day and I feel so much better. I can't wait till I have to perfect days and then more and more... You all helped me more than you can ever know! How easy it would be to fall into a pity party... I was there breifly and crawled out.... not a good place. Thanks again.... Cheers to another perfect day! :)

CSROBERTSON621 SparkPoints: (201,402)
Fitness Minutes: (89,360)
Posts: 2,654
1/15/13 9:54 P

So sorry that the Y worker was so rude to you -- in particular because you're obviously there trying to make some changes (not that anyone ever has the right to be so rude), and this person's JOB is to help you out, not deter you. I've totally been there -- and I let those rude comments chase me out of the gym more than once over the years, before finally getting the strength to power past all of that.

Glad that you came here to share instead of burying the pain from this down deep and believing that you actually deserved it somehow. Don't let that person's bad attitude cause you any more pain than it already has, or keep you from your goals. You are worth so much more than that -- not "someday" when you get to your goal, but RIGHT NOW, as you are. Please believe that this is the truth. As you said, you would tell your daughter as much -- and it's just as true for her mom! :D

CHRISBEM SparkPoints: (35,371)
Fitness Minutes: (11,462)
Posts: 1,503
1/15/13 6:47 P

You know your fat when people drive by and scream "Jenny Craig" out the window. I had that happen once when I was coming out of the grocery store. What was funny, I saw the guy with McDonalds and I was coming out with a bag of veggies and had a mile walk home. hehehe

BETHORLO Posts: 83
1/15/13 3:44 P

Thank you guys... after my first thoughts were "I am a pathetic pig... I really do suck...." I quickly reminded myself... that will get me nowhere fast! I can't do that.... much as I would preach to my 14-year-old daughter..... so I thought... what makes me feel good and where do I get support.... and I came right back here.... I do need you guys and right off the bat there you were.... thank you. One day at a time... currenty it's one hour at a time.... but now I have to detox my body from icky and I can do this.... Thank you and thank you again....

1/15/13 2:57 P

That Y employee sounds like she needs a tact and empathy replacement. And not a partial replacement. You need to give yourself some TLC emotionally and physically. The physical TLC will take the form of good nutrition and exercise, and that will be good. But it sounds like you're going through a LOT of stressors in life, so please don't beat yourself up in an unproductive way.

NEWRUNNER2 Posts: 542
1/15/13 2:23 P

I don't really know what to say other than that SparkPeople is here for you. Sometimes people say really hurtful things, but they do not define who you are.

1/15/13 2:14 P

Beth I know exactly how you feel. Had lost alot of weight and gotten healthy by going to the gym only to let it all go 2 years later and even more weight than before, here I am. I was stressed to the hilt w/my job and my marriage fell apart as well. I'm now seeing a therapist for my depression & stress and said enough is enough. Just like you I said excuses! Someone told me that you have choices to make in life and it's up to you to make the right ones. So I'm choosing to make this year about myself and my health. To get healthy for my 9 yr old son again.
I had a simular issue w/the gym I was going to as well. I asked for someone to show me how to ust the weight machines & I wanted a trainer but couldn't afford the extra to have one so I did my best on my own on the weight machines and ended up pulling a muscle in my shoulder. Once healed I took some yoga classes that I absolutely loveed and Now I work out at home in a room I created just for me!
So hang in there and keep making the right choices! One day at a time, one step at a time. emoticon emoticon

BETHORLO Posts: 83
1/15/13 1:59 P

My first step is to explain to my family. I am done with this body. I have gained 40 lbs. since July and my partial knee replacement surgery.... now going through foreclosure and bankruptcy and I had to put my dog to sleep on Saturday.... BUT these are all excuses. NO MORE.... After a light supper I am going to the Y for a workout. Tonight.... No excuses. emoticon

BETHORLO Posts: 83
1/15/13 1:57 P

You go to the YMCA and the worker comes up to you and after looking you up and down then says... "what happened to you?" After we discussed the major stressors in my life and she suggested a personal trainer and left.... I basically lost it... that was so true and humiliating at the same time.... And sad thing after I started crying uncontrollably ... I listened to my answer.... the same thing I say every time I want to "start over".... damn excuses.... emoticon

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