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DONELLE SparkPoints: (40,202)
Fitness Minutes: (16,927)
Posts: 2,543
8/26/06 6:16 P

When my kids are telling ME to get off the computer so they can do their homework!

TABITHA0515 Posts: 270
8/26/06 6:03 P

Wow these are all so good, and completely true!!!!

-When you tell all of your friends about how great Spark is; selling it like a car salesmen.


CIVICGIRL SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 323
8/26/06 4:53 P

When you hurry and drink your 8 glasses of water for 5 points

DANCEMOM SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 1,723
8/26/06 4:46 P

...when you're dreading the weekend of camping because you won't have access to your Sparkpeople. *sniff*


AGH575 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 507
8/26/06 3:20 P

When you share your successes with your friends on SP before you tell anyone else! :) Hey, we are the ones who understand the most!!!

I love you guys! emoticon

HAPPYWIFE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,072)
Posts: 11,963
8/26/06 2:41 P

You go into withdrawal if you haven't been to SP for 6 hours.

ITSGOT-TOGO Posts: 2,425
8/26/06 1:32 P

..when you know you have to count every bite of food that goes in your mouth..even the ones you have whist preparing the meal!

VETINASPIN SparkPoints: (1)
Fitness Minutes: (65)
Posts: 469
8/20/06 9:25 P

The weekend comes and you nurse that single beer for the night (which you compensated for during the day so you could enjoy it guilt free) and your friends ask you if you're OK or on the wagon?? emoticon

WINTIFRED Posts: 709
8/20/06 9:18 P

when you don't miss eating junk food anymore.

MANATEELVR SparkPoints: (18,874)
Fitness Minutes: (2,990)
Posts: 766
8/20/06 9:42 A

you share things with strangers that you wouldn't dream of telling friends or family.

HHEAVEN SparkPoints: (23)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 1,702
8/20/06 9:40 A

You have to get home to your computer to write down everything you ate!

CHRISTOPHERD SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 8,249
8/20/06 6:14 A

When your life changes for the better. I am now actually refusing things not because I do not want them but Because I DO NOT WANT THEM AT ALL!

HAPPYWIFE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,072)
Posts: 11,963
8/20/06 5:39 A

...when you find yourself helping newbies with their Spark questions and frustrations with eating plans.

... when you watch your ticker move.

...when dh says "let's go to bed" and you tell him that you have to post just a few more so you can get your 10pt bonus for 100 posts.

TANIBEAR SparkPoints: (17,495)
Fitness Minutes: (4,952)
Posts: 3,543
8/20/06 3:37 A

when you are compelled to log in right after you get out of bed and you carefully go through each thread to make sure you are updated before going to bed..

BDIGGLE Posts: 283
8/20/06 3:19 A

these are hilarious....I'm cracking up!! work out five extra minutes just so you can log it in and get points walk in the door from a restaurant and immediately log in what you ate to see how much damage you did see that all your friends drink teeny-tiny (4 oz.)glasses of water and are satisfied, whereas you can now down 32 oz. of water with no problem

8/20/06 2:16 A

When you proudly wear the Spark People T-shirt you ordered out and about, and not just to work out

WANT2BEAMUM Posts: 1,027
8/20/06 2:14 A

when your husband or in my case fiance asks have u spun the sp wheel yet today!

SHERALYS Posts: 2,113
8/20/06 12:31 A

When you meet a goal and rush to the computer to post to tell all your teams about it!

CSCHIAVONE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 40
8/20/06 12:04 A

When your on sparkpeople till midnight

WINTIFRED Posts: 709
8/19/06 11:51 P

when you grab for a bottle of water before you grab for your keys as you leave the house.

JIACOLO SparkPoints: (546,106)
Fitness Minutes: (219,955)
Posts: 29,971
8/19/06 11:10 P

when you choose the restaurant based on the quality of their salads

KJONES122 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (621)
Posts: 269
8/19/06 11:08 P

when you wake up in the morning and log in your meals before you eat them so you can keep on track.

when you actually look forward to exercising!

Spinning the wheel at 9:00 p.m. PST

ITSGOT-TOGO Posts: 2,425
8/19/06 11:07 P

...when you check the fiber content of your cereal and bread
...only buy brown rice

ROSER144 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 645
8/19/06 9:58 P

You obsess over tracking everything you eat

JULZ654 SparkPoints: (15,718)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 852
8/19/06 9:38 P

Every chance I get I tell people about this amazing site that I found on the net!!

AEROBIDEZ Posts: 2,141
8/19/06 8:44 P

you wonder how many points you can get for working an 8 hour work day where you go back and forth from your office to the copy machine periodically. emoticon

LINMACNIC SparkPoints: (12,454)
Fitness Minutes: (185)
Posts: 771
8/19/06 8:37 P

As soon as I eat, I must enter those calories immediately

YAMAKARASU Posts: 1,273
8/19/06 6:57 P

"When you have to regularly bite your tongue to keep yourself from criticizing the way other people are eating!"

That is so true. I don't want to come off as trying to be better than other people. I am usually really modest, but I can't help but think things like, "how can they eat that? All those calories would go straight to my butt!" I'd like to speak out sometimes, but I don't want my friends think that I'm trying to put them down.. I'd just love to have them be healthy as well. Oh well, I'm not one to pry. emoticon

Another thing is when you want to belt it out from the rooftops every day that you're losing weight and eating healthier! Every day I want to shout out and tell everyone about how I'm eating better, but again, I don't want to come off as a snob. Life is hard. lol

Edited by: YAMAKARASU at: 8/19/2006 (18:58)
LATONIA38 Posts: 4,166
8/19/06 4:43 P get into conversations about weight, then you immediately ask everyone if they've ever heard of! know how much water you drink everyday. know what Sparkpoints are!

Tonia emoticon

Edited by: LATONIA38 at: 8/19/2006 (16:46)
ERIN_JO Posts: 631
8/19/06 4:39 P

When you almost drop a glass bottle of Ben and Jerry's Milkshake when you see that one serving has 340 calories . . .

When your friend tells you she ate a whole one-pound bag of M&M's and you can tell her exactly how many more calories that had in it than what you've eaten today . . .

When you have to regularly bite your tongue to keep yourself from criticizing the way other people are eating!

ITSGOT-TOGO Posts: 2,425
8/19/06 3:45 P

These are great posts, I see myself in so many emoticon

8/19/06 3:14 P

Reading some of the answers made me chuckle! find yourself mentally writing messages to post when you get home sit down to watch a movie with a Tupperware (or other generic!) full of raw veg instead of popcorn and peanuts. eat your raw veg without dip, because you had to have a cookie at lunch. refer to your kids as your little sparks!

SUEZNEWME SparkPoints: (24,169)
Fitness Minutes: (8,568)
Posts: 2,208
8/19/06 2:52 P

It is the first place you go when the day starts.

8/19/06 2:35 P

Spinning the wheel at 11pm Central time, since the new day for Spark is on Eastern time.

YAMAKARASU Posts: 1,273
8/19/06 2:25 P

When I look forward to midnight so I can spin the wheel again!

KARASUE25 Posts: 1,728
8/19/06 2:10 P

when you've become an un-compensated spokesperson for them!
When you think wow, what would that calorie content be???

8/19/06 1:53 P

When I plan my day around a dessert I want 10 hours later.

DTGRANDY Posts: 2,221
8/19/06 1:52 P

when it's your husband's birthday and he tells you that you can go one full day without logging and eating what you want and i freak and say no i can't. i have to go and look up the restaurants nutrition info on the computer. LOL!!!! i'm sooooo upset the restaurant we are going to doesn't have nutrition info, it's gonna be a play it by all the knowledge i've gained kinda night.

ADRENNA Posts: 133
8/19/06 1:44 P

when I'm eating breakfast at work and enter in my calories BEFORE I check my work email.

when I put my laptop on the kitchen counter so I can measure and log a food group when I cook southern style, aka not measuring anything.

GUIHONG Posts: 154
8/19/06 1:23 P

...when I can't log out without reaching the next whole number of SparkPoints.


KASHMIR Posts: 14,533
8/19/06 12:58 P

when you stand in the aisle at the grocery store reading the nutritional content of every box of cereal, not just looking at the calorie count but the fiber and other nutrients as well.

When you ignore your voice mails at work first thing in the morning so you can log into SP and add your coffee to the tracker.

When you tell the gang "no thanks" when they are going to your favorite mexican restaurant because you know it won't fit into that day's calorie count and you are THAT CLOSE to being able to weigh in and go down another lb on your tracker.

When you find yourself thinking, "should I tell him/her about Sparke People and what it has done for me?" when ever you meet a new person.

TEXASGIGI Posts: 1,320
8/19/06 12:56 P

You immediately credit SP for your loss whenever weight management comes up in a conversation.


CHRISTINECOLO SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5)
Posts: 688
8/19/06 12:52 P

when it's your first stop of the day!!

MANATEELVR SparkPoints: (18,874)
Fitness Minutes: (2,990)
Posts: 766
8/19/06 12:49 P

feel guilty when you don't log on to enter your food.

DEA_ANIADA Posts: 137
8/19/06 12:49 P

You annoy your husband by spending 45 minutes trying to find the healthiest peanut butter and jelly.

KARMONSTER Posts: 2,576
8/19/06 12:34 P mentally count the calories that other people eat, too.

MOMCLP Posts: 2,249
8/19/06 12:32 P

You drink your 8+ glasses of water every day without fail! emoticon

PROWESS64 SparkPoints: (53,568)
Fitness Minutes: (12,966)
Posts: 6,784
8/19/06 12:28 P

...I have to find a wireless connection now to track, and I stop and think about how what I will eat looks like in print.

SHOPSWAFIST Posts: 4,967
8/19/06 12:23 P

...The first thing I do at work is make an S.P.Orange Juice Fizz, and a pitcher of Water. Before S.P. it was a Diet Coke.

ITSGOT-TOGO Posts: 2,425
8/19/06 12:06 P

I was watching Jeff Foxworthy on TV the other night and as you may know he is well known for his "yOu know you're a red neck when..." Well I though that could apply to us Spark people

So I knew I was a Spark person when......

I knew I had to do my exercise before I went to work because I knew I would not do it later. Before SP I would talked myself out of it and stayed in bed

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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