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SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,176
8/15/13 2:27 P

Of course I am generalizing...
Yes, of course there are people who have limitations, however if you read my post it recommended standing or taking a few steps as well. "If you can do nothing else, stand up!"

I had severe diabetic nerve pain and could barley walk ..I took a few steps and then worked my way to a few more....I also moved every 20 minutes which helped me lose the 98lbs that I lost.

Common sense tells you that people with MS or muscle disease can not and people who's doctors restrict them. But then there are a lot of people that just use excuses for not doing don't need a special program or a gym to lose weight...walking works for those who can.

SLIMMERKIWI Posts: 26,153
8/15/13 5:24 A

I think you are generalizing too much. There are MANY people who are unable to walk - and I am not including paraplegic people. Many have health conditions unrelated to weight that makes it very difficult, and/or painful - even just a few feet. And keeping at the walking isn't going to alter that.

For those who CAN walk, YES - it is a GREAT exercise and something that should be undertaken on a very regular basis.


WHITNEY0814 Posts: 1,850
8/14/13 5:45 P

I definitely agree. I love Walk Away the Pounds. It gives people the freedom and comfort of doing at home in their own environment. I've had a lot of step backs, but the one video I know I always fall back on is WATP. Whether it's 1 mile, 2 or 3 miles. It's a great workout!

MALICORNE1 Posts: 67
8/14/13 4:40 P

I like walking, but I have a difficult time at the start of a walk for my joints hurt and are swollen. So I do a bit of warming up beforehand and start slowly. It helps! Sometimes , when I have too much pain, I take an anti-inflammatory pill and and wait a few minutes until the effect kicks in. This is what I advise , but unfortunately I don't always follow my own advice emoticon

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8/14/13 1:50 P

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I think the problem isn't so much that people don't want to walk. I think the problem is that too many people think that walking isn't enough to help them lose weight. Too many people are looking for a fast way to lose weight. And the fact is, there isn't a fast way to lose weight.

I agree, walking is wonderful cardiovascular exercise, but also keep in mind that there are many people who've been very sedentary, for a very long time. Walking could be painful or uncomfortable.

A person should do what they can to start even if it's as simple as a five minute walk. We all had to start somewhere and every little bit really does add up.

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,176
8/14/13 12:14 P

I don't understand people who say that can't exercise. God Gave us two legs and walking does not require any special skill. Walking can burn almost as many calories as jogging and it is easier on your joints. WALKING REDUCES HUNGER AND IMPROVES NOT ONLY MUSCLE TONE BUT BAD CHOLESTEROL AND LOWERS BLOOD PRESSURE.

Yes, walk and slim your waistline, relieve anxiety and tension, back pain and heart attack risk.

Walking is the safest exercise you can do. Keep a brisk pace, not fast....if you find it difficult to breathe your walking too fast. Stretch before going on your walk to loosen your muscles and take a water bottle to stay hydrated.

Can't walk far...start slow a couple of minutes and add 1 minute more each day. Also move your body every 20 minutes even if it's only standing or a few steps.

The European Herat Journal reports that sitting for long periods causes changes in the body that lead to higher triglycerides and higher levels of inflammation which lower your good HDL cholesterol. Regular standing breaks stop heart damaging processes before it can kick in.


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