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3/20/11 3:28 P

I don't have a problem with HFCS in moderation. I just treat it like any other calorie providing sugar.

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3/20/11 1:10 A

Having worked in a food manufacturing plant, the odds of a machine breaking down are high, but if the machine breaks down the product is at a loss and is halted until the machine begins running again because people are there monitoring every move those machines make... And there are pretty hefty fines and laws making inaccuracy on a nutrition label a huge no-no... Plus food producers do not believe in wasting at all, they will make sure that there is the bare minimum of substance in a package...things are packaged by weight, nutrition information is entered by weight. They might be a calorie or two off, but they are rather exact in all their measurements..

3/19/11 10:50 P

Yep..I found that couple of years ago so that why I go for n-f Plain yogurt now and add my own healthy stuff like cocoa powder, cinnamon, etc...

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3/19/11 10:39 P

I go for plain lowfat yogurt down to 0.1% fat.. Anything with fruit or tasted added can have hidden calories..
The fruit in yogurt is not enough to be considered a full unit of fruit to track..
Also the machines making and packing food can also breakdown, be inaccurate..

It is better said and done to purchase plain yogurt and add fruit to it.. You avoid alot of additives to keep laws on shelf life and artifical tastes that hook you to crappy products..

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3/19/11 6:16 P

DEFINITELY Chobani! Rich, creamy, and with lots of protein.

NKDUB211 Posts: 1,721
3/19/11 1:45 P


MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,406
3/19/11 1:43 P

I don't really have any problem with HFCS. I don't try to avoid it or anything. Jill raises a very good point. In six months there will be some other additive that we are not supposed to consume.

Personally I prefer a tub of Dannon All Natural Fat Free Vanilla Yogurt.

THEAMAZINGKAT SparkPoints: (1,206)
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3/19/11 1:42 P

"6) Real yogurt only has milk and active cultures...."

Not to attack you but you are wrong on your assumption of yoplait light, it has milk, it has active cultures. I've had real doctors suggest it, my mother has had real doctors suggest it, she had a disease and lost 80 percent of her large intestine and MUST get the cultures found in yogurt. Her doctor has told her that the yoplait she eats counts.

The high fructose corn syrup thing, yes it's probably bad for you, which is why soda is so bad for you, but diet food in general is bad for you. Most foods have aspertame, phenylalanine, and a variety of other non-natural sweeteners and chemical compounds proven to not be used by the body in the same way. I would think if anything yoplait light should be attacked for those two things as studies have shown them to be cancer causing.... but then again some studies show tomatoes to be cancer causing... we still eat tomatoes?

The point is, everything in this world is bad for you, when your on a diet and trying to lose weight I'd worry less about the fad-bad thing and more about the calories and nutrition value of the food.

YELLOWDAHLIA SparkPoints: (94,861)
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3/19/11 12:47 P

THANK YOU JILL!!!! For that really great response!
I eat about 8 yoplaits a week! Love the stuff- it's my "dessert".........and I'm still alive and kickin"

OUATEONE SparkPoints: (0)
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3/19/11 12:45 P

do it plain Greek style and add your own goodies....fruit, nuts, flavorings, etc

3/19/11 12:32 P

Yes, I agree!

JOJOSHOME SparkPoints: (0)
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3/19/11 12:29 P

I prefer the Dannon light and fit which has 80 calories instead of the 100 from yoplait light. This is more a taste choice though, yoplait is just to sweet for me.

BTW jilltbnagart... I love your answer and agree completely!!!!!

3/19/11 12:17 P

Oh my goodness HFCS?? You ate it???? Are you dead yet? Maybe tomorrow then??? REALLY folks. Wait 6 months and the world will be on to another something that is bad for us and HFCS won't be heard from EVER again. This happens all the time. Just live long enough to see. Don't believe me? Do a check on health scares in the 80s. Remember any of those????

JENMARS20 Posts: 375
3/19/11 10:43 A

I would recommend ditching the Yoplait. I used to eat it until I noticed the HCFS! I switched to Chobani Fat Free Greek Yogurt with Fruit. It is so good. I couldn't even eat a Yoplait or Dannon Light now if I had to.

ILOVEMY2BIRDS Posts: 2,646
3/19/11 8:05 A

The only yogurt I eat is Stonyfield Farms. They contain no aspartame (which is VDERY IMPORTANT TO ME) and has full-fat, light and fat-free varieties. No HFCS either.
However, I have nothing against HFCS just don't eat a lot of it if you are buying int the hype of how bad it is. It is made from corn, you know. I personally don't go out of my way to avoid it.

FLYME2MOON Posts: 1,420
3/19/11 7:45 A

yogurt usually dannon light

BOOKWORM27S SparkPoints: (0)
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3/19/11 12:41 A

Oikos organic Greek yogurt 4 oz. honey and blueberry only have 90 calories each, and they are all natural.

KSHAGGY Posts: 1,682
3/19/11 12:14 A

Wow, I hate reading this because the Yoplait light yogurt is my favorite. I have tried others, but the Yoplait tastes the best for the calories. I am not going to stress over it, I do eat it probably 6 out of 7 days with fruit as my evening/night snack.

3/18/11 11:41 P

1) yoplait is IMITATION yogurt
2) its over 50% sugar
3) it has preservatives, food coloring and other non essential additivies
4) it has fillers, (gelatin, food starch, protein concentrates) to dilute the real food product, milk, to make a CHEAPER product.
6) Real yogurt only has milk and active cultures....

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ANARIE Posts: 13,179
8/10/10 1:37 P

Let's look at the numbers. If you eat Yoplait Light, you're getting about 90 calories from protein and natural milk sugars, and 10 from HFCS, which is a fructose/glucose blend. If you eat the other brand, you're getting about 90 calories from protein and natural milk sugars, and another 90 from sucrose, which is also a blend of fructose and glucose. You're getting nine times as much added sugar from the sugar-sweetened brand as from the one with a tiny amount of HFCS.

HFCS hasn't been proven to be harmful. There's just a THEORY that it might be used differently in the body. The scientists who proposed that theory made it clear that they didn't really believe it; they just wanted somebody else to study it to find out for sure. But let's ignore the fact that it's just a theory and look at the numbers again.

The worst-case scenario about HFCS is that, because it doesn't cause your insulin to spike, your body might not realize how many calories of it you've eaten. If you tried to drink a Double Big Gulp made with sucrose, you would probably throw up. With HFCS, you can keep on sucking down the sugar long after common sense should have told you to stop. (By the way, agave nectar works exactly the same way. The only reason people aren't screaming about how dangerous it is is that it costs so much that nobody's likely to abuse it.)

But if that's true, and your body doesn't recognize the calories from the HFCS so you're still hungry, your Yoplait Light STILL only has 10 calories' worth of HFCS. That's 10 calories you might not realize you've eaten. I don't think most of us would notice being 10 calories' worth of hungry. If you do make up for the HFCS by eating 10 calories more of something else, you still will have "saved" 70 calories compared to eating the sugar-sweetened yogurt.

There are plenty of other reasons you might eat the other brand. It probably tastes better, so you'll be more satisfied and less likely to be tempted by other treats. It might have more real fruit in it. You might be wary of the artificial sweeteners in the Yoplait. The other company might be more environmentally responsible. If any of those things are true, then go for the other brand. But if it's just about calories and the effect on your weight, the bottom line is that the Yoplait has a lot less calories and a lot less sugar. Even if HFCS is "bad" sugar, there's only about 1/2 tsp of it in there, versus about 2 tablespoons in the sugar-sweetened version.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 25,760
8/10/10 1:25 P

TANZAR2002: I don't understand the high fructose sugar. I thought glucose was glucose.

Yes, glucose IS glucose. But fructose is NOT glucose.
The oxygen molecule is bonded differently in the two.
Your body is able to convert glucose into energy with greater efficiency than it can convert fructose
They are metabolized differently in the liver.

Info about the

KALYNN06 Posts: 167
8/10/10 1:21 P

I'd go with calories right now. The study with the cancer cells and fructose was interesting and worth watching, but I'm not ringing the alarm yet. Also, it's worth remembering that "sugar" isn't usually pure glucose; it's sucrose, a disaccharide that is cleaved to yield a molecule of glucose and a molecule of fructose, so you are getting lots of fructose from your sugary foods whether they have HFCS or not.

For me, the research says what we already know, minimize refined sugar consumption, and eat more complex carbohydrates. I'd personally rather eat the 100 calorie yogurt with the HFCS and add the 80 calories in wheat germ.

LISSIE88 Posts: 635
8/10/10 1:18 P

Well, there goes my snack with lunch. LOL. I really ought to read the ingredients better.

NANSHE9 Posts: 39
8/10/10 1:11 P

Well, there have been studies recently that indicate that HFCS is much worse for you than sugar, that the body works with it in a different way. I 'm not an expert, but I'm sure some people here can recommend articles.

Another thing to consider is that this is a way of sneaking sugar in where people wouldn't expect. I don't expect sugar to be in salad dressing, but it's one of the first ingredients. It's not good to consume large amounts of any kind of sugar, so it's important to be aware of it and always check labels - HFCS has a tendency to show up everywhere.

Besides, what are you getting for the calories? I'd rather eat something with more calories but actually containing valuable nutrients which nourish the body.

TANZAR2002 Posts: 773
8/10/10 12:42 P

I don't understand the high fructose sugar . I thought glucose was glucose. everything we eat gets turned into glucose, it is the nutrient that are in the food that keeps us healthy right?????

EOLIVIAC SparkPoints: (23)
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8/10/10 11:24 A

I think there are worse things that could be in it!

LOVESLIFE48 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/10/10 11:21 A

I still eat Yoplait light yogert. I'm losing weight eating it. I have never tried greek yogert.

8/10/10 11:11 A

I don't fall for the latest health fads, or should I call them scares? I would eat the yoplait light as is. But I like greek yogurt better so I'm eating that now.

8/10/10 11:10 A

Yeah I will for sure. I bought Yoplait light for the 100 calories but never thought about reading the label. Just went with the 100 calories. The Tillamook yogurt that I absolutely love is 80 calories more but has sugar in it--not HFCS.

OHIOGAL10 Posts: 643
8/10/10 11:07 A

Can't stay away from that stuff! In so many products such as ketchup and other condiments. yogurts, cereals, juices, can goods, applesauce, some 100 calorie snacks, need to keep reading labels.

8/10/10 11:02 A

Ugh, I did not know that one of the first couple of ingredients in Yoplait light yogurt is High Fructose Corn Syrup.
I learned that on the hungry girl page.
What are everyones thoughts on this....would you rather eat it with HFCS or eat a yogurt with regular sugar and a bit more calories??
I think I will change back to my favorite Tillamook yogurt (Mountain Huckleberry)....180 calories but tastes amazing.

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