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PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
6/3/13 9:52 A

Love eating yogurt ...

LAZYLADY76 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/3/13 9:35 A

It's not the sugar--the point I'm trying to make is about half and half being lower in carbs than regular milk, which is what's important to those of us who have to watch our carb intake. Like I said, this post was originally supposed to go in the Low-Carb Living forum.

MYAKAYAH Posts: 10,329
6/3/13 12:32 A

I buy plain Greek Yoghurt, a 32oz container has 7 grams of sugar. I add berries, peaches, red grapes and sometimes add a little sweetener if I need it a little more sweet~

FLAMEGLIMMER SparkPoints: (48,062)
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6/2/13 10:08 P

I keep thinking about making my own yogurt. One of the recipes I saw used the suggestion to use an insulated bag to maintain the temperature. That method sounds good to me and I may try it.

AMYTHBE SparkPoints: (2,355)
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Posts: 59
6/2/13 8:29 P

Neat how one could make their own yogurt. I wonder if I should try...

6/2/13 7:09 P

This thread reminds me I ought to start making my own greek yoghurt again. The price of the brand I buy has gone up recently so it would probably be better/cheaper - even if only slightly - to make it myself. I use this recipe:

and it has always turned out well. I think I have only had one batch turn out less than satisfactory but I still ate it! No yoghurt maker or thermometer required.

LAZYLADY76 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/2/13 11:53 A

Well, I would love to try that. However, neither of those markets do business here in North Dakota, and I've never heard of that brand of yogurt. So, I'm stuck with making my own, which I really like. But thanks for the suggestion.

NLEVY12 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/2/13 11:51 A

I would recommend the carb master yogurts at Ralph's or Kroger. Only 60 calories, low sugar, carbs, fat and high in protein. They are also pretty cheap as well and taste amazing!

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
6/2/13 7:27 A

Yes, you have to read the ingredients, not just the nutritional label.

There are some that are milk and bacterial cultures - only.
These are not artificially sweetened, and you add whatever you want to them, if you wish.
That's the best choice for those wanting to eat yogurt, regardless of the menu plan you're using.

LAZYLADY76 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/1/13 9:35 A

A bit of an explanation here. I wrote about the home-made half and half yogurt meaning it to go in the low-carb living forum, but because I didn't know what I was doing, it ended up here in diet and nutrition. I'm glad to see so many people love yogurt (it is sooooo good for you) and if you don't have to worry about carbs, then the commercial brands are perfectly okay, although very expensive.
But for those of us who really need to control our carbs, we are always looking for ways to come up with something good that cuts carbs, ergo half and half yogurt. Oddly, half and half has fewer carbs than either low fat or skim milk, so I use it almost exclusively. I can't remember when last I bought a quart of regular milk.
Anyway, just thought I would drop in to clarify why this got into diet and nutrition. One of these days, hopefully, I will figure out how to use these forums correctly.
But, I do have to add--there is no comparison between the home-made and commercial yogurts. Home-made is about 500% better--in my opinion. Also, less expensive.
Best of luck to all of you.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 16,695
5/31/13 8:28 P

Interesting, I had never heard of making yogurt.

I buy the plain or the vanilla flavored with little or no sugar added.

BUFFYSUMMERS81 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/31/13 5:14 P

I just get Fage plain yogurt. I add fruit sometimes or zero calorie flavored syrups. My favorite recipe for yogurt is 1 tsp lemon juice, 40g strawberries, 1 tsp splenda and 1/2 c plain yogurt. It is like having strawberry lemonade yogurt without all the added refined sugar.

GOPINTOS SparkPoints: (33,201)
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5/31/13 5:05 P

I used my crock pot, until I broke the liner. My other older crock is too hot. Some ppl just use the oven overnight. I have had success just using the warmer burner in the middle of my stove top.

4 hours would be awesome though, as these other methods require overnight usually, or at least most of the day (12+ hours) but I can use what I already have :)

If you like yogurt, you can't beat homemade. emoticon

JCWIAKALA Posts: 347
5/31/13 3:17 P

I totally understand only buying mult-function appliances, but I was curious about the cost so I checked some out on Amazon. Pretty reasonable. I prefer Fage over all other brands, but sometimes I can't afford it. If the homemade tastes as good as that, the yogurt maker would probably pay for itself in time.

5/31/13 12:22 P

I've been making homemade yogurt for years. If I am not able to make it, I'll buy plain greek yogurt, but it is cheaper to make it yourself.

I use a yogurt maker, and since I make approximately 1 gallon of yogurt every week (we are a family of 6), it more than justifies the expense for me. Before using a yogurt maker, most of my yogurt making attempts were failures. Now it incubates at the correct temperature, I make perfect yogurt every time. I use whole milk, but half and half is really good too. I never add powdered milk anymore, and it is nice and thick.

We like it very tart, so we incubate it 12-24 hours.

I often eat it for breakfast with stevia, frozen berries (thawed), and sliced banana. So much better than what I can buy in the store.

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
5/30/13 11:21 A

That's interesting! I've heard about making one's own yogurt but never really read a detailed explanation. Like the other poster I buy the unsweetened plain stuff (a bit pricy, but worth it), but I might look into this. Thanks for the info!

KYLAR_STERN SparkPoints: (22,234)
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Posts: 1,053
5/30/13 11:18 A

Or you can just buy plain, Greek yogurt since it has more protein than dairy sugars in it and just add some berries or clementines (my favorite) to it. Add some vanilla extract and a packet of splenda if you need it a little sweeter

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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Posts: 2,744
5/30/13 11:16 A

I just buy the plain stuff since that only has milk and bacteria listed as ingredients. A yogurt maker is too specialized for me to spend money on. I like multipurpose appliances. :D

LAZYLADY76 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 26
5/30/13 11:13 A

I love yogurt, but low carb diets usually recommend that one should stay away from it, at least the commercial brands as they have a lot of sugar. So--I came up with a way to have my yogurt. I make it at home using half and half. Lower carbs and even better tasting. I have a one-quart Salton electric yogurt maker which does a great job. The recipe I use is 1 quart half and half, 1/4 cup instant dry milk, and 1 packet of Yogourmet freeze-dried yogurt starter. Then about four hours in the electric yogurt maker. This produces a nice, firm yogurt to which you can add anything of your choice. I sweeten mine with Splenda. I also have a recipe for frozen yogurt with my ice-cream maker but I've not tried to make that yet. I do plan on it, though, very soon.
So, if any of you are wanting yogurt, I highly recommend the above. Good luck.

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