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GOPINTOS Posts: 6,263
4/19/13 5:43 P


Super Easy, and the best! IMO

JCWIAKALA Posts: 347
4/19/13 3:26 P

Here's a SP article that I found helpful:

At first, it might be hard to cut back to plain yogurt. I found the after a few months of making healthy choices, it was easier.

Along with others, my favorite is the 0% Fage plain yogurt.

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
4/19/13 1:20 P

I don't really know anything about Activia, so I can't comment on it's nutritional value. But, I thought I'd also throw in my vote for Fage 0% Greek Yogurt. It's the first yogurt that I ever found that I really liked. It's got lots of protein, a good amount of calcium, and no added sugars. The only ingredients are milk and the bacteria that turn it into yogurt. You can flavor or sweeten it however you want. I like to add a little Splenda and a small drizzle of honey. The big tubs are a good price at Costco.

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4/19/13 11:36 A

It depends on who you ask. For vegans, no yoghurt or dairy is good. I personally don't eat yoghurt because it leaves me with a nasty after taste.

ANARIE Posts: 13,179
4/19/13 9:33 A

Let the label be your guide. Yogurt in general is healthy, but some brands so much sugar and added fat that you might as well eat ice cream. The "extra probiotics" in Activia aren't necessary or helpful unless you have a specific health problem. If you've done a bunch of "cleanses" that killed off your natural intestinal bacteria, or if you've been taking heavy-duty broad-spectrum antibiotics for some sort of infection, then the Activia might be helpful, but otherwise it's just extra money.

You can also make your own yogurt and sweeten it however you want. It's very simple to do-- I rarely buy yogurt anymore because it's frankly easier to make my own than to read through all the labels and choose a commercial one!

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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4/19/13 8:36 A

I buy plain yogurt and add my own fruit.

Although, Liberte just came out with a new individual cup Greek yogurt with fruit that has no added sugar. I picked up a pack of lemon and vanilla. I don't think they have Liberte in the US, it's Canadian. But they only include two ingredients in their Greek yogurt; milk and cultures.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
4/19/13 8:13 A

Look for yogurt with as few ingredients as possible (like milk and cultures).

Add your own fruit, if you wish.
Drop the ones with sweeteners (even the artificial type) and other added ingredients.
They are not necessarily better.

I won't go near that brand. Even before I realized that I should be looking at the ingredients, as well as the nutritional label, I knew the amount of sugars on the nutritional label were not something I wanted to consume.

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,214
4/19/13 6:54 A

I agree with LEKSIPATSY that most yogurts have too much sugar...the one I found with the least amount of sugar is Fage 0% Plain Greek Yogurt. I add berries to sweeten as they have the least impact on blood sugar. The riper a banana gets the more sugar they contain, so once being pre-diabetic I stay away from bananas. Kefir is a good probiotic too!

4/18/13 6:58 P

Too much sugar and additives for me. I really enjoy plain greek yogurt with fruit. Blueberries, banana with or without cinnamon, strawberries and grapefruit are all delicious and it is much more filling than activia.

4/18/13 6:53 P

I have recently turned to yogurt as a staple snack because its quick and easy. I have been eating Activia for no particular reason other than its claim to have tons of probiotics. My skepticism lies in the fact that it tastes just SO DARN GOOD!!! Am I being realistic to think this stuff is good for me and not just a creamy disguise for sugar? I think most healthy options are quite tasty, but lets be honest in saying there are just some things that taste better in junk form.

Should I keep on eating Activia or am I just wasting my time?

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