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TINIERTINA Posts: 5,096
6/12/14 1:29 P

Best advice I could give you: ditch the DVD where possible.

Before I recently started boycotting Amazon (long story), I had the Bethenny Skinnygirl Workout (whatever its name, it's actually a form of vinyasa yoga/pilates fusion) and it would hardly play right on my dvd player. I had been able to use Amazon Unbox for the same program, where it's fine.

I've got nearly NO streaming speed, and every possible non-streaming workaround imaginable (including lowest-tech methods) I've done. The download is beautiful, when it's video.

It's a pain when it's audio, no matter the source (unless you've created the entire program yourself, or you know the entire sequence visually in your head, COLD - without having bored yourself in the process). Re: this last comment. Guess I never did like yoga all THAT much. So, YMMV ... emoticon

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (185,434)
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6/11/14 7:03 P

+1 to do yoga with me. also has free videos.

KASTRA Posts: 369
6/11/14 3:23 P

Oh, I took a sneak peak at that and it looks very promising, thank you Kittery! We'll experiment with one or two of them tonight.

YOGA_CHICA Posts: 168
6/11/14 2:51 P is one of my new favorites. They have a huge number of videos, and it's free.

KASTRA Posts: 369
6/11/14 1:52 P

We let our Amazon Prime membership lapse, but if there are good videos on there, I may re-up it. We used to use the membership for other things as well so it wouldn't be that bad.

For the Gaiam TV free internet channel, where do I find it? I went on their website and it looks like they have a 10-day free trial, but then want $$. Which isn't that pricey, but free is nice.

For Youtube, are there any in particular that are good? Or just hunt and see?

CJGODESS101 SparkPoints: (30,781)
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6/11/14 10:49 A

If you have Amazon Prime, there are a ton of Yoga videos included in your Prime membership. Most other Yoga channels have a monthly membership fee. Also, Youtube does have some good videos as well.

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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6/11/14 8:16 A

Gaiam has a free internet channel called where they have videos for all sorts of levels and style of yoga. Youtube also has a lot of good yoga workouts posted.

KASTRA Posts: 369
6/10/14 10:40 P

My husband and I have started doing yoga, and we are enjoying ourselves so much. I started it because I got the video cheap and he agreed to do it with me to humor me, but we were both pleasantly surprised how great it makes us feel. I normally dislike videos, but what we've been doing is Gaiam "15-minute results: Yoga" with Rodney Yee & Mariel Hemingway. What we like to do is the Bootcamp Day 1 video or some other form of cardio (we got Walking Away the Pounds and cycle that in or just spend some time on our stationary bike), then our strength training for the day, then the Total Body yoga video. We've also done the others, but really like the total body version. It's a relaxing conclusion to our exercise for the day and we're going to start waking earlier in the morning and doing that first thing before we start our day.

The question, though, is we want more because we find it so calming and yet we're feeling incremental results (for instance, just a few weeks ago, we had a hard time going from Cobra to Downward Dog in a fluid motion, but tonight we realized we're both able to do that now without pushing off from our knees). I can't say enough good things.

Are there good recommendations to expand our repertoire of yoga that are still relaxing while giving a good workout?

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