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1/26/13 7:16 P

I just started two weeks ago and am hooked. I am using Barbara Benagh's "Yoga for Beginners." She has a very soothing voice and goes slow when telling you what you will be doing. She walks you through each pose breath by breath. If I feel that I am not quite getting something or just want to double check that I am doing a pose properly, I look the pose name up online and get detailed instructions from a multitude of sites that are free out on the web. I like Barbara's DVD so much, with the sounds of the waves rolling in, that I have not even bothered to open Rodney Yee's "Beginner's Experience" video that came with my mat. I'll get to it, eventually.

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1/26/13 6:15 P

I am not sure what the topic is other than it relates to yoga. There are many sites online that offer free exercises.

Good luck!

1/26/13 5:47 P

You may also find some starter videos here on SparkPeople as well, just to get a taste. I'm going to start taking PiYo next weekend which is a mix between yoga and pilates. Good luck to you.

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1/26/13 4:34 P

I've taken Yoga before, but I would still consider myself a beginner because I haven't taken classes in a while. I actually plan on trying a few Anti-Gravity Yoga classes that are being added to my gym in a few weeks. Not sure how that's going to go, but we'll see. I do have a Yoga video, but I can't find it. It seemed a little too fast paced for a beginner though. Good luck!

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1/26/13 3:36 P

As someone else mentioned, I would also recommend Rodney Yee's Yoga for Beginners (
/rodney-yees-yoga-for-beginners-5677). There's 3 parts: a 40 minute tutorial which goes through the pose elements; a 20 minute morning workout and a 15 minute evening workout. You can preview the DVD at the website.

YANKEEGAL16 Posts: 1,480
1/26/13 12:54 P

I have one yoga dvd by Peggy Cappy - she teaches yoga for people with arthiritis & is very good & beginner level. A lot is done in a chair because someone like me with arthiritis can't stand for very long & do poses. I would recommend this one - it's about 1 1/2 hours in length because she starts from the head down to the feet - there is a section where you do stand & hold onto chair if needed. She is very soft spoken and I enjoy her voice. Good luck

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1/26/13 11:16 A

Thanks for the great advice. I never thought about the library. In fact, they may even be able to have a yoga introduction there if I ask. I love our library. Rodney Yee sounds like my kind of guy... I will keep my eye open for his dvds. Thank you so much!

AM_MORRIS87 Posts: 1,665
1/25/13 10:35 P

YES! Rodney Yee 'Yoga for Beginners.' It has a 20 minute morning routine, and a 15 minute evening routine. (The morning one is like "rejuvenating" and the evening is suppose to be "relaxing.") I have tried countless yoga dvds and hated them all. I got this one for $8 at Target, and it completely changed me. He is a world famous instructor, he's so thoughtful and has such a great way of speaking to you during the video. I bought 3 more of his dvds after this one. You will not regret it!

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1/25/13 8:40 A

I have a Rodney Yee DVD - I think it's called Yoga for Beginners. Personally, I would recommend finding a class with a good instructor so you can be sure you are doing the poses correctly. Yoga is great but if you aren't doing it correctly, you can hurt yourself, especially when doing some of the more advanced poses.

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1/24/13 11:50 P

I started yoga with a beginners class. I have a Jane Fonda video that I did before my class but did not get as much out of that as I did the class. Check in your local library and just look for yoga videos and give them a try. Make sure they say beginner so you are appropriately challenged. Good luck. I really love doing yoga.

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1/24/13 10:15 P

I want to try Yoga. I've never tried it before. Do you have any suggestions for a good start video?

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