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5/30/13 7:35 A

Thanks for the great advice. I had no idea there were different types, even! emoticon

5/29/13 2:18 P

It is also a personal preference. I bought a real rubber mat I loved, it broke down and I couldn't find another. So I bought a Jute mat. I went that way because I sweat a lot and find the regular sticky mats to be way too slippery. The natural fibers tend not to be as slippery, but you do have to be more careful how you clean them.

I had my rubber mat for 3 years and the Jute mat is like 3 years old now and shows hardly any breakdown, but it is thinner.

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5/29/13 11:28 A

Here's an article you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

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5/29/13 11:14 A

There's so many options, it's hard to say what's "best" - I've been through a few, so I do have a few tips.

1) Cheap is not better. Yes, you can get cheaper mats, but they start to shed/break down faster.
2) I prefer thicker mats; I have arthritis, so if the mat I get is too thin, it hurts my knees or wrists in some poses.
3) No slip is key... you want a mat that's not going to slip and slide all over the place.
4) Two thin mats work just as well as one thick one!
5) Never use the mats at the gym. LOL. (Ringworm is GROSS.)

If you have a Marshall's, try there. I got some good ones there. Also check reviews on places like before buying, you'll get some good feedback that way.

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5/29/13 10:41 A

I've just taken up yoga, and I've been using a fleecy blanket doubled over for a makeshift yoga mat. Having used this for around 3 weeks now, I feel it is time I treated myself to a proper yoga mat. I just do hatha yoga at home using books, magazines and DVDs for instruction as time for a yoga class isn't an option.
What do I need to look for? Thanks in advance.

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