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6/12/12 1:29 P

I have seen some special yoga classes offered for people of larger body sizes, both in the DC area and the Philadelphia area. I'd do a search for your area and see what you come up with. But that's not even necessary. There's no reason why you can't check out a regular beginner class at a yoga studio or gym near you. Just speak to the instructor beforehand and tell them it's your first time doing yoga, ask them to mention modifications for you due to your shape.

HEYBUTT Posts: 769
6/12/12 11:35 A

I'd recommend you check out some different videos first so you can see what "yoga" really is. You could even try to practice along with the dvd so you get used to how the cueing/flow works.

Then once you have a feel for what will be offered, take a class. In a class/studio you'll learn proper alignment which will not only make yoga safer but more accessible (less frustrating!).

Always remember, yoga is not competitive. It is YOUR practice for YOUR body. Yes, you can be encouraged/motivated by the super flexible gal or guy next to you but your body is not theres. Listen to your body and do what is right for you. Sometimes that may mean going into child's pose to rest a bit while the class moves on around you.

Don't be afraid/ashamed to modify a pose or use props (blocks/straps/walls).

(and one more tip: check out sites like groupon or living social. You can probably find a deal for a studio near you so you can try it out on the cheap)

MLAN613 Posts: 18,591
6/12/12 10:21 A

Congratulations on losing 30 pounds!!!!! That is amazing. Keep it up.

I agree with Dragonchilde. You should try and find a yoga studio or drop in classes at your local gym. Trying to do a pose you aren't quite ready for can do a lot of damage and a good instructor can give you alternatives or modifications in a respectful manner. Trust me, I have needed this help myself.

SWEDIEPIE Posts: 338
6/12/12 6:59 A

My daughter was searching "beginner 10 minute yoga" on YouTube the other day and there are lots of them. Good luck, and congratulations on your weight loss so far!

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6/12/12 2:01 A

Yoga is yoga for everyone. It's always about doing the modification that feels right for you.

However, if you are looking for a yoga video with plus size/normal sized women in it try Mega Yoga by Megan Garcia. I've never seen the video but I've seen sample of it at her website I think its available on Netflix, Amazon and the Just My Size Yoga is on youtube. Hope that helps.

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UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
6/12/12 1:41 A

There is no "yoga for the extremely obese", there is only yoga. You do not necessarily do anything different.

There might be some poses you find difficult to do because your tummy gets in the way, say. That is fine - you just do the best you can.

Take a look at the cover pose on any yoga video - do not imagine that ANYONE who picks up that video can already do that pose! No way! So we all start with "do the move as best you can" and move on from there. There's no difference for that whether your limitation is weight, age, gender, or disability.

Start maybe with youtube. There are thousands of yoga videos. You can get an idea of what kind of yoga style you enjoy, so that you can make a decision about what kind of class to look for. Then if you sign up somewhere, let the instructor know you're new and cautious about doing moves because of your size right now, and they'll let you know what you might need to do different if anything.

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6/12/12 1:07 A

TAMMIEANN76, I just read you Sparkpage and was thoroughly impressed that you went for a walk instead of watching a movie! I am so happy for you. My life has totally changed because of Sparkpeople. You are definitely at the best website in the world.

If you consistently use the Nutrition Tracker and do not exceed the bottom line ranges that Sparkpeople has set for you for daily calories, carbs, fat, and protein, AND you consistently exercise five days a week, you will see results beyond your wildest dreams. Guaranteed.
The best part is that you learn to love eating right and exercising. You deserve this.

Spark On!

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6/12/12 12:09 A

Honestly, most yoga videos have alternate poses for those who can't quite do them perfectly. Yoga isn't all or nothing, and it's not about perfection. If you can, the best option would be to find a class with a good instructor who can help you modify poses so they're safe and effective as you lose weight.

I think yoga's a great idea for anyone, at any size. Want inspiration? Check out this video:

I can't vouch for the program itself (I can't imagine that it's incredibly different from most yoga) but it certainly should show you that you CAN do this, with enough determination!

Do you have Netflix? There's a couple of yoga videos on there, and the ones I've done all have someone showing you modified poses if you can't do the full ones.

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TAMMIEANN76 Posts: 351
6/11/12 11:34 P

Hi, all! I'm down 30 pounds in my journey, but I'm still 320 pounds. I want to start yoga or some kind of flexibility training. Where do I start? I've googled it and found basic information, but mostly just "commercials" for one DVD or another. Please, help me out if you can!

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