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MtnKat, Rebound Exercise is a very safe way to treat your knees, which IS the weakest joint in the body. Its jumping, bouncing, kicking, twisting, sloloming, ball-kicking, jumping jacking etc on a Mini-Trampoline. Google that or even youTube Rebound Exercise. Its a lot safer than jogging which is pounding on a hard surface, even running is pound-pound etc
Yes Yoga is strengthening especially the arm balances, Parshva Bakasana, Crow Pose, Handstand, all the variations of headstand, shoulderstand etc

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I absolutely love yoga and do a yoga class 2 times a week on top of my normal routine (I also do Pilates too). I also run, walk and lift weights.

I do not like Zumba all that much. There is too much bouncing involved which did not make it fun at all for me. I get cramps in my feet when I jump too much (no plyometrics for me lol) though I can run 6 miles straight without stopping lol.

However, Zumba and yoga are apples and oranges....Zumba is cardio, I see yoga as more of a strength training routine. I see them working hand in hand as part of an overall routine.

What is rebound exercises?

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Hi folks,

I have taught Yoga for over 20 years, I'm in great shape, am Organizer of the Fresno Plant Based Raw Living Foods MeetUp and I work at 4 gyms here in the Central Valley teaching Hatha Yoga. I do a daily self-message Acupressure routine (called Do-In), a daily stint on a Mini-Trampoline bouncing, jogging, jumping high, twisting, side to side, ball-change, jumping jacks, kicks etc, 50 arms down, 50 arms up (Rebound exercise has been found to be the safest form of Cardiovascular Activity) The G force doesn't allow you to injure your joints as in Zumba, Step, Running (all involve pounding the joints on hard surfaces) I've done extensive research on the net. Any Feedback?

I am familiar with Bikram yoga, Astanga, Integrative Yoga Therapy (Kripalu yoga) Sivananda, Iyengar and Restorative and can teach any of these styles.

I am in great shape and when I do my Mini-Trampoline Rebound Exercise I put on Zumba music, sometimes Jazzified Chopin Prelude Opus 28 #4 in E minor(I record from youTube) or Jerry Lee Lewis or whatever excites me.

I want to put this out on this Blog that I've done a lot of research of the DOWN side of Zumba and want to hear others opinions of what I do and what you all think of all this.

Can't wait to hear your responses.

Thanks for reading this

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