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9/10/11 8:50 A

I am in the YMCA Silver Sneakers classes. I take: S.S. Yoga Stretch which is designed for senior citizens. The instructor talks to us about what to do if we have limitations and has two or more levels of many of the exercises. I love this class, but it only meets twice a week, so I would love a DVD.

I also take Silver Sneakers MS/ROM & Silver Splash. Both are helpful with arthritis. My rehab specialist recommended I take all of these classes. I get at least 5 hours a week if not more.

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9/3/11 10:01 A

I haven't heard about the DVD, but I'd love to get it. Yoga really helps my arthritis a lot. I have it bad in my knees and low back. You my try I got some good yoga DVD's from that site.

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9/2/11 7:40 P

i dont know but sounds like i should check into it!! Thank you!

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9/2/11 10:21 A

I read recently that the Arthritis Foundation was developing a DVD using Yoga to help those with Arthritis. Does anyone know if its out yet?

I have personally benefited from Yoga. I have Osteoarthritis in my knees and Yoga feels so very good and gentle on my joints. I feel stronger and more relaxed doing it.


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