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11/16/13 8:13 A

Well anything done to the extreme can cause injury. If you are new to yoga, take the beginner's class to get familiar with the poses.

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11/15/13 3:46 P

I take anything from Huffington post with a grain of salt. Be gentle with yourself. Yoga should never hurt.

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11/15/13 2:02 P


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11/15/13 1:56 P

It's no different than any other exercise, repeated movements can wear out some body parts, knees, hips, shoulders, depends on the person. Exercise is exercise, nothing magic about Yoga, even Tai Chi people have problems.

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11/15/13 1:47 P

This is something that has come up before. People assume that yoga is gentle and it is not. Some of the poses can be extremely complex. The reason people end up with an injury in yoga is because they tend to push their body beyond what it is ready to do. When I am in a class, my instructor specifically tells us to listen to our bodies. Don't try to make your body do a pose it isn't ready to do yet. Many of those poses take years to master and yet, there is always that one person who does something their body isn't ready to do. What happens ? They end up injured. Yoga is not supposed to be competitive and yet plenty of people make it that way.

Would you like to try yoga ? Don't let that article scare you. Yes, a peson can end up with an injury if they try to do too much too soon. But you could get an injury stepping off a curb too.

You just need to be mindful of what your body can and can't do.

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11/15/13 12:24 P

Just saw this

Anybody out there been hurt doing yoga?

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