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1/14/14 9:57 A

Hi! I'm a yoga teacher, so I hope I can help. Which parts of your body do you feel need more work? I would recommend full-body workouts once or twice a week (resting if you are too sore from yoga), plus an extra core session. Keep it simple. I tried implementing a complicated strength training plan awhile back, and with six days a week of Ashtanga it was too much.
How far along are you in Ashtanga? Primary series includes a lot of forward folds and hamstring strength and stretch, but second works on quad strength, back strength, and some twists.
Let me know if you have any other questions.

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1/11/14 3:38 P

I would substitute more athletic yoga for one of your strength days, but you can also do restorative yoga or something easy on a rest day.

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1/11/14 1:16 P

It's a good idea to just go with the flow. So if you are really sore, do you skip the planned exercise the next day and do something else like cardio? I did Power Flow on Thursday and unfortunately could not work up the motivation to workout yesterday, so I had a rest day. Today I am still sore in the arms, core and a little in the butt/hips, so I am considering doing cardio. I plan on going to yoga next on Tuesday, so I am trying to figure out my exercise schedule.

1/11/14 1:04 P

I do full body strength training and Power Vinyasa yoga. I usually alternate days, but I have at least one total rest day a week.. I find that yoga helps to keep me flexible, strength training alone really tightens up my hips and shoulders.. They are both workouts so if I am sore I foam roll to work it out.

So, I guess that I vote for not trying to over plan it and give it a shot, see how your body responds.

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I have recently begun taking some yoga classes and am finding that I like the more challenging ones best (like Power Flow or Ashtanga). I often feel quite sore (especially in the arms and core, but it varies by which poses we do) after these classes, so I know I am getting some strength building from them. On the other hand, I know that there are parts of my body that are not worked nearly as much by yoga, so I should do some strength training with weights (plus the parts that ARE worked by yoga can benefit from a different type of workout too). I am feeling really confused about how to incorporate both yoga and strength training (which I am not a total beginner at, by the way).

I tend to stick to full body strength training workouts, because it allows me to strength train less frequently, and I find it very confusing to track which parts were worked on what days. Am I going to have to switch to training certain parts in order to work around yoga? If so, how do you know which muscles you worked? It's easy enough to look at a muscle chart and say ok, this part is the blah blah muscle, but how do I know the soreness I am feeling is precisely THAT muscle? Plus, I love compound moves that work as much of the body as possible. I don't want to give that up and have to do more single muscle moves.

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