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3/24/14 10:37 A

In my opinion a good mix of exercises, including Yoga for flexibility and relaxation will make a difference in your entire body, including cellulite. Is Yoga THE cure for cellulite, NO.

3/24/14 10:29 A

"I was just reading online from Women's Health that overtime Yoga can reduce the appearance of cellulite, as you are increasing your circulation in a diiferent way. "

It isn't true. All exercise increases circulation. Reducing overall body fat reduces cellulite.

One type of exercise is not superior to another for reducing cellulite. One type of dieting is not superior to another for reducing cellulite.

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3/24/14 2:30 A

Cellulite is the extra collection of fats on our body and the best measures to get rid of it is by doing cardio exercises, swimming, yoga and meditation. Drinking a glass of hot water mixed with one tea snoop of honey in it, before exercise is also a great technique to reduce fats.

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7/5/13 11:28 P


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7/5/13 10:35 P

i stop going to yoga. going to try going back next weak emoticon

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3/20/13 11:33 P


PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
3/20/13 2:13 P

Not sure anything reduces cellulite; however the yoga is terrific!! I'm loving the strength and flexibility my body is receiving and the tightness in muscles, and yet the looseness my body feels...I only do yoga 2-3 times a week but my body feels wonderful after the time in yoga!

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3/20/13 1:59 P

Slysam: I think you've hit on something there. While I don't believe that yoga has *direct* fat loss benefits other exercise forms don't, I think there is absolutely a stress-reduction factor that can reduce emotional, mindless eating, and stress reduction makes the stress hormones less prevalent, which can make weigh tloss easier.

Man, I wish I was a PhD candidate... this would be an excellent thesis.

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3/19/13 7:23 P

There are a lot of benefits to yoga and there have been a few studies. I read an article about a study that the study subjects who were practicing yoga lost some body fat. It was a while ago, so I am most likely describing it wrong. But I do also know people who feel yoga helped them lose fat. So why is that? I don't think most forms of yoga are big calorie burners compared to some other types of exercise. It could be that people who practice yoga become more aware of what they eat or their hunger cues. Maybe the yoga was helping them deal with stress so they felt less need to "comfort eat". Since there are a lot of benefits to yoga, if you are interested it probably wouldn't hurt to add some in. I guess I just would not expect it to be a quick fix or use it to replace a good diet, strength training and cardio.

Here is an article that addresses this (it isn't the one I read previously but has some similar points):

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3/19/13 12:08 P

If they cite studies, read those and decide for yourself. If they don't its probably just a myth.

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3/19/13 11:45 A

I know diet and excercise is what works and there is no cure all. I was just reading online from Women's Health that overtime Yoga can reduce the appearance of cellulite, as you are increasing your circulation in a diiferent way. Was just wondering if anyone had any input on this, or if it was all a lie.

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3/18/13 4:49 P

I would be quite surprised if yoga made in difference in the appearance of cellulite.

-- Since it has to do with the fibers beneath the skin and the amount of fat built up, it may be possible that other forms of exercise or healthy diet may reduce the amount of fat and thereby improves the overall appearance????

SPOORK Posts: 1,193
3/18/13 3:03 P

Yes, it's reduced the appearance of my cellulite.

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3/18/13 2:08 P

Yoga is awesome, but what it isn't is a big calorie burner. Some kinds can be more vigorous, but it is a complement to a regular strength training and cardio program... not a replacement.

Because fat loss is a total-body process, it's the calorie deficit that burns fat... not the specific exercises you do. :) Archimedes has given you great advice so far!

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3/18/13 11:52 A

I love yoga ! There are many health benefits from doing yoga, however removing or reducing cellulite is not one of them.

If you want to reduce cellulite, you need to be more mindful of what you eat. Cellulite is nothing more than fat and in order to reduce fat, we need to eat a healthy diet.

Also, while we can reduce cellulite, we'll never entirely get rid of it. 90% of all women in the world have cellulite. And that's okay. If you see a woman in a magazine without cellulite, it's because she was airbrushed to look that way. Do a google search for Raquel Welch. For years, she was considered THE sex symbol. If you look closely, she has cellulite and you know what ? No one cared !!

So, don't beat yourself up because you have cellulite, most women do.

However, if you've never done yoga, I highly recommend starting with a class. a good instructor will show you pose modifications when you need them. You might try a Hatha or Vinyasa style class to start.



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3/18/13 11:41 A

I would like to start doing Yoga. Has anyone that has been doing Yoga for awhile actually notice if thier cellulite has become less noticeable? What is the best DVD to try for flexibility and calorie burn? I would be a beginner for Yoga, but also want something that will work after I have progressed too.

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