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7/12/13 4:33 P

It's all about learning and setting up plans ahead of time to keep yourself on track. Way to go you've learned something!

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7/12/13 11:26 A

I generally teach at a local college. Corporate education sort ebbs and flows in volume but the classes can be anywhere in the world, which is the fun part. Usually I stick to Michigan, Ohio and northern Indiana; sometimes for a single class, sometimes for 10-12. Yes, I travel both ways in a single day if the class load is small. Of course bigger loads means a longer stay. Gyms and exercise isn't an issue but, eating right sure can be. Gotta plan better ALL the time!

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7/12/13 4:46 A


That was quite the drive to teach one class. You must be really good if people are asking you to come out from so far away.

Don't worry too much. These things happen. Just make sure you eat more healthfully today. You'll feel better once you're back to your normal routine.

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7/12/13 12:26 A

Man, you had a day! That much driving plus a crazy wake up time, and a long day to top it all off. Give yourself a BIG break, breakfasts out are a menace. You're ok, though, just remember to prepare in advance next time. I do the night before because I don't trust myself to remember anything in the morning.

Emaverick, do you have a recipe for those low fat tamales? That sounds VERRRRY interesting!

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7/12/13 12:04 A

Yuck, your commute is 4 times as bad as mine. You must eat in the car. Seems like the protein shake would be the best of all the choices. Well, just once isn't going to amount to much. How often do you have to drive this far?

How do you organize the rest of your meals? I used to make low fat tamales, freeze them, and take a bag of them to work along with a bag of frozen mixed vegies. At that time, I could store them in the freezer at work, so I could take some out every day to heat up. Now I can't do that because my company doesn't allow us to keep food overnight in the freezer (they dump it).

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7/11/13 11:26 P

I learned something valuable today! Never get up for work at 3:30, drive 200 miles, teach a class, then drive home 200 miles...all in 13 hours. I got too hungry and ate a no-no at the only place open early for a quick breakfast. Sheesh! That was 640 calories I did not want to add to my tracker. Next time I do what I usually do and take a protein shake and fruit on road trips.

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