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11/8/11 2:57 A

You say you are a newbie.
I think many of us had a few '?????' moments when we first started tracking our food. My very healthy breakfast was 900 calories!!!

Over the first few weeks with SP you learn a lot about what works for you, and what doesn't. I found that I needed to get my protein levels up (I now add a protein powder to my considerably smaller breakfast) plus I also track fibre. On the days when I am low on fibre, I generally find myself starving with no calories left in the bank.

It sounds like you are already starting to understand the changes you need to make - this knowledge is your friend! Good luck

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11/7/11 9:57 P

I track EVERYTHING. I don't care if I have ONE snack sized candy bar in the last 3 months (which I did 2 days after halloween). I think about that I am going to have for breakfast and lunch and snacks. Then I know how to plan for supper and possibly an after supper snack. You are correct, it's all about preparing ahead. I pack my lunch every single day even though my work provides free lunch 7 days a week. I know what I am eating and the counts in the foods I eat. I often log my lunch in the morning before I even leave for work that way I can think about how to plan my day.

I'm suprised to hear that you coach cheerleaders but yet it's hard for you to find time to exercise????? I would think that came with the coaching.......

NPPMOM Posts: 601
11/7/11 6:56 P

Try tracking before you eat. I always find my calorie count is higher on days that I wait until before dinner booking my food. As I've picked at food through the day I always think that it's not that much, but it does add up through out the day.

Good luck!

NSTARSMITH Posts: 3,650
11/7/11 6:22 P

Tracking really tells the truth! Any way you can organize and manage your meals will help! A little at a time works. Hang in there - it can definitely be done.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,082
11/7/11 6:08 P

Love yourself.

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11/7/11 11:56 A

Well I started this Thursday, the day after my birthday. I am a newbie, so just kind of cruising and learning the site right now. I also got the stomach flu Thursday night and was out of town all weekend, so did not kill myself sticking to it. This morning I posted my eating journal for the first part of my day. Oh my goodness, I am floored. It is 11:00 and I only have about 350 calories left for the remainder of the day! I don't make poor choices, but I do endlessly pick. I have lots of things in my class room to snack on as well. My high school kids are always snacking and I just munch right along. No more. I am going to read the menu and be prepared to go into tomorrow ready to make a difference. I yelled at my 7 year old that she needed to have her stuff all ready the night before as she was making me late. I am no different. I need to read through the menu and know what to expect tomorrow. I need to pack my lunch so I don't rely on school lunches. I am in the last two weeks of coaching basketball cheerleaders, so hopefully things will slow down and I can start fitting in exercise. At this point it is all about making small changes first, and starting to feel better about myself again.

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