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JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,124
5/29/14 12:40 A

Flush the binge food down the commode so you don't have it there to eat.

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6/2/13 11:02 A

Great advice from LADYSTARWIND!

Learn from yesterday then put it behind you. Today is a new day!

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6/1/13 4:09 P

Hey we almost all have some issues with occasionally not eating very healthy quantities.

The only way I know to keep myself in better control is to be sure to eat really well balanced meals AND snacks....focus on the calories AND carb/fat/protein levels listed in the Tracker for each...and make sure its not over 3 hours since I've eaten. That way I'm not nearly as likely to eat everything in reach!!

Don't think of yesterday as a bummer....but rather one of Life's little lessons! Especially if you come up with a strategy to decrease the times you're likely to do it again. In reality, we start again everyday, and we all get those lessons!!
Happy Sparking!

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6/1/13 1:35 P

I'm happy that I started again today, but somewhat confused as to why I had a binge. Was it the 95+ weather, was I tired, stressed? Would like to be able to stop before I start.:(

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