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1/24/14 6:18 P


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1/24/14 3:30 P

Make sure you aren't storing them with or near onions - that can cause them to go bad faster too.

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Don't buy quite so many!

I usually get 4 or 5 at a time and I just keep them on my kitchen counter in a glass bowl. They last at least two weeks that way. Yams and sweet potatoes do not like cold--maybe put them in a slightly warmer place?

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1/24/14 10:22 A

I don't buy the huge ones, and I'm buying sweet potatoes, not yams. I store them at typical room temp. But I make sure there's plenty of air circulation around them, and turn them every couple days. I have one of those net market bags that work well, too. Mine last quite a while - couple of weeks, anyhow.

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I store mine in my cool basement completely covered from light.

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1/23/14 6:51 P

Store them in a cool, dark place? My mom always stored potatoes and other tubers in the cabinet under the sink.

Buy them closer to the time you plan on making them?

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1/23/14 6:49 P

What's the deal w/ yams??

I choose hard ones at the store. (yes, I squeeze almost every one)

I store them at room temperature (like I read about.)

Within a week, one goes bad (squishy)

Any advice?

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