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YONANAS BABY!!!!!!!!! Do you own one?

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Posts: 2,169
7/24/13 10:24 P

Yes, aren't they great?.

Posts: 2,074
7/24/13 4:44 P

Sounds like something I would love having....of course I have loved having a deep fryer, ice shaver, food processor, blender, popcorn maker, an electric wok, an electric fondue pot, a Panini grill, bread machine, a Bullet and a couple of crockpots, too. But since none of those get too much use, my husband would probably call the men in the white suits if I bought something else to sit on the counter. Maybe I could freeze the bananas and grind them up in one of the above. LOL!

But thanks for the idea -- I'll be looking it up!

emoticon emoticon

Posts: 4,210
7/24/13 4:21 P

I only just learned about Yonanas through a SparkFriend! It sounds cool, but I don't have the counterspace or disposable income to get one. My blender has worked just fine for making smoothies out of frozen fruit. I can change up the amount of liquid or yogurt added to give it a more soft-serve consistency.

Posts: 6,751
7/22/13 6:05 A

Just heare of this gadget and am on the fence about owning one. Do any of you have both a Yonanas and a food processor? Can you tell me why you might prefer the Yonanas over what the food processor can do? I already own a food processor and am wondering if I should spend the money on the Yonanas. It is harder to make a single serving with the food processor. Can you make a single serving with the Yonanas much easier?

Posts: 22,821
5/8/13 12:35 A


Posts: 1,805
5/7/13 10:09 P

What is it?

SparkPoints: (157,474)
Fitness Minutes: (95,565)
Posts: 6,961
5/7/13 10:07 P

I have a Ninja. Sounds like the same thing

Posts: 3
5/7/13 9:14 P

Summer is coming and I start craving ice cream. I am going to check Yonanas out on Amazon, Thank you.

Posts: 244
5/7/13 8:38 P

Love mine! This is so good. Very healthy "ice cream." Using frozen bananas as the base, gives it its smooth creamy texture. By adding other types of frozen fruit, this gives the "ice cream" the different flavors. My son doesn't like bananas but does like this. I have also added coconut, nuts and natural peanut butter. What ever you like. I like it because it allows me to have ice cream without the sugar. My dog even likes it!

Posts: 11,630
5/7/13 8:08 P

I have a small graveyard of unused appliances in the back corner of my kitchen.
One day I'm going to have a huge garage sale

SparkPoints: (89,965)
Fitness Minutes: (52,682)
Posts: 2,841
5/7/13 7:55 P

Not yet!

Posts: 5,669
5/7/13 7:34 P

Yes I have one and love to use it with all kinds of frozen fruit

Posts: 538
5/7/13 6:04 P

awesome thanks for explaining that because I had no clue LOL

So basically it just boiled down to how you wish the bananas to come out then ..
I lovvveeee gadgets esp. in the kitchen so this topic had my curiosity..

SparkPoints: (9,059)
Fitness Minutes: (6,555)
Posts: 2,047
5/7/13 5:09 P

Basically, you freeze several ripe/overripe bananas and then blend them in order to make banana 'ice cream.' I suppose the attraction of this Yonanas thing is that it spits out the product like its coming out of a soft serve ice cream machine. Frankly, I have a perfectly good blender that makes perfectly good banana ice cream and I don't feel the need to spend another $48 (on amazon) to get it to come out of the machine in a fancy way.

Posts: 538
5/7/13 4:56 P

Nope never heard of one but they sound great to have...

if it is a blender with a fancy casing, how exactly do these things work?

SparkPoints: (9,059)
Fitness Minutes: (6,555)
Posts: 2,047
5/7/13 4:08 P

You do realize that its just a blender with a fancy casing, right?

SparkPoints: (11,089)
Fitness Minutes: (2,053)
Posts: 157
5/7/13 3:18 P

YES!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!

SparkPoints: (188,812)
Fitness Minutes: (145,251)
Posts: 8,344
2/23/13 1:58 P


Posts: 1,459
2/23/13 12:52 P

We have one! Got it for my son who loves ice cream but doesn't eat much fruit. He loves it!

Posts: 487
2/23/13 11:08 A

Wow, I had never heard of them, but now I'm going to have to check them out!! Thanks for the tip!!

Posts: 2,833
2/23/13 11:06 A

No, but sounds pretty cool. emoticon

Posts: 591
2/23/13 2:00 A


SparkPoints: (215,051)
Fitness Minutes: (193,120)
Posts: 6,754
2/23/13 12:06 A

I have never heard of them.

Posts: 13,599
2/22/13 11:49 P

No I don't. I have a severe dislike of bananas. Haven't had one in almost nineteen years. Not gonna break the streak.

Posts: 11,295
2/22/13 9:05 P


Posts: 966
2/22/13 8:57 P

I would love to have one.

SparkPoints: (7,058)
Fitness Minutes: (4,692)
Posts: 46
2/22/13 2:14 P

I have one & loveit...I blend bananas, peanut butter & choco chips. It is nice healthy dessert.

SparkPoints: (47,087)
Fitness Minutes: (11,285)
Posts: 3,116
2/22/13 2:04 P

Sounds wonderful. Thanks, had never heard of it either.

Posts: 595
2/22/13 1:59 P

Awesome!! I may have to look into that! Thanks emoticon

SparkPoints: (1,793)
Fitness Minutes: (85)
Posts: 54
2/22/13 1:46 P

It is a gadget. That makes soft serve fruit ice cream in a matter of minutes with frozen. Fruits.

Posts: 595
2/22/13 1:16 P

Don't know.... I still don't know what it is????? Please enlighten emoticon

SparkPoints: (99,328)
Fitness Minutes: (75,880)
Posts: 2,932
2/22/13 7:07 A

I have never heard of a YONANAS....thanks for teaching me something today....I will try this!

SparkPoints: (1,793)
Fitness Minutes: (85)
Posts: 54
2/22/13 6:53 A

who has a yonnana and do you love it! I just got one and it is awesome. they great part is i dislike bannanas with a passion but add a few frozen berries and BAM!

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