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I'm probably not going to be particularly helpful. When I need to get a gift for my dh I just ask him for ideas or check his wish list. Dh got a new watch for his birthday and is getting a game for xmas.

Maybe your SO would like a subscription to a fitness/sport magazine or tickets to some sporting event?

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I'm not sure what 50 pounds translates to in dollars but I'll try to respond anyway.

Perhaps a book or video about one of his favorite sport figures. For instance, I like weight lifting so I would appreciate something about weight lifting or a book with the workout specifics of a champion weight lifter. Something like that may be appreciated.

One of those battery operated handhelds that calculates your body fat might be nice.

Has he mentioned anything recently, like his gloves getting old or needing a new football?

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I already put this on my blog, but I thought I'd post it here too, for more responses.

So, I'm seeing a guy now. We've known each other for about six years, but we recently decided to become a couple. He lives in another city to me and we see each other on average every two weeks, with calls and texts in between. We've never given each other Xmas or b'day gifts, but we decided to this year. His birthday is on boxing day, so I want to get him two mediumish gifts seeing as we have only been together under a month. Thing is, he's really tricky to buy for. I was thinking of something sports related as he is big on fitness. So fellow sparkers,have you got any ideas on things to get a SO that is sport related that totals to around £50 (for both gifts combined.) Or indeed, anything not sports/fitness related.

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